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Friday, July 31, 2009

Costume pickup

Saldenah launch

from Saldenah's website

the headpiece given to masqueraders

When I go to pick up costumes, I always have a bit of a queasy feeling, an uncomfortable sense that things won't go smoothly, or something will be wrong with the costume. Usually, the bra doesn't fit - unfortunately, every year, there's always something.
I try to psych myself up though to be more excited than nervous, & tell myself that everything will be fine, just relax. I make the long drive, sit in traffic, and I'm blasting Soca on my way to the mas camp.

When I went to Saldenah's launch & saw this mohawk headpiece make its way through the crowd, I had a great feeling... then seeing it onstage, I just knew - that was the headpiece for me!!! Different, not the usual, and very full & powerful. I liked the real bra & the not especially skimpy waistband. I try to play in colours I've not played in before, & lately I've wanted to play in orange, so I happily chose Tembu Warriors.
I was told at the mas camp by the section leader Nicholas that there was an issue with the original headpiece feathers and they couldn't get them. The 8 frontlines have that original headpiece though. They said they sent an email to their masqueraders letting them know about the headpiece change. I didn't get an email. I notice that this change to the costume isn't on the Tembu Warriors facebook group either. I did actually make an effort to contact the section leaders, I sent a facebook message on July 12th complimenting the headpiece and asking a question - but I never got a response. This would have been an opportunity to let me know about the headpiece change.
Of course I'm very dissapointed with the smaller size of the headpiece, but I'm displeased about not being told. I don't know what happened there.

I do realize that changes are often made with costumes due to supplier problems, etc. I just wish I knew about the headpiece change. If I knew ahead of time, I wouldn't have been so unhappily surprised when I picked my costume up.
On the positive side, the La Senza bra is perfect, great choice on that guys, and the waistband with the boyshorts cinched up looks good. Nice touch with the orange water bottle.
I understand that this is the first year Nicholas, Janette & Anton are putting out a section, and they are good pleasant people, not annoying to deal with. I asked for, and was given compensation for this. I trust they will work out the kinks, the most important one being inform all customers of their costume changes.

I then made my way over to the Crees of Canada table the pick up Trini-in-Toronto's costume. I was at the end of a line with @6 people ahead of me. I was not acknowledged for at least 10 minutes. I had to wave my yellow receipt to get the attention of the one woman collecting masqueraders money. She asked for my money, and I said sure, I'd like to at least see the costume though, and she told me they collect the cash first. I then stood in front of their table for over an hour waiting. I've never, in 10 years, had to wait so long to pick up a costume. They (4 people including Curtis) were still hot gluing pieces to the male costumes (the vests and shorts).
I was rather snippily told by the woman that if I had paid first I wouldn't have had to wait so long. Um, what!?! The people ahead of me were of course being taken care of first, what kind of craziness are you trying to give me! Steups!! Costumes still being made the afternoon before Caribana is poor organization. AND, turns out, he wasn't given a waistband!!!!!!!! Unacceptable!!
Mas makers, I know your business is designing and making mas, but you've got paid customers who buy your product, so that means you are also in customer service. When you have a wonderful product you are proud of, greeting people and showing them some respect should be easy. If it were not for us masqueraders buying your costumes, who are you making mas for?

King & Queen!

Mas Toronto's King of the Band

The Kings and Queens were in the spotlight tonight, where they belong! Tonight's King & Queen show at Lamport Stadium was said to be the most well-attended yet.
Trini-in-Toronto was working hard volunteering, so he was unable to take pictures. I arrived in time to only get a few pictures of the last few Queens and the Kings.

These works of art are 20-40 feet high and take hundreds of hours to design and build, not to mention cost thousands of dollars to produce.

Judges award points on: visual impact; authenticity; creativity; clarity of theme; presentation; and craftsmanship.

Saldenah's King of the Band

Iwer George performed afterwords to a very enthusiastic crowd.

Always held 2 days before the parade, King & Queen certainly gets me ready to jump up again.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Caribana Above the City

The seventh annual
Caribana Above The City
Saturday August 1st, 2009 @ 10:00pm
Inside The Prestigious
Toula on the Westin
38th Floor
Westin Harbour Castle Hotel
Queens Quay and Bay St.
For Info:
Call: (416) 368-4300
Email: http://ca.mc385.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=mcharles05@msn.com
Sold Out For The Past Six Years! The Number One Upscale Party During Caribana
The Invitation
The WOW Factor
One-Day Sale Advance Tickets: $20
Advance Tickets and RSVP Options

The Invitation
Hello Friend,
You are cordially invited to celebrate Caribana in style, elegance and class at Toronto’s most prestigious venue overlooking the city.
The View: BreathtakingThe Atmosphere: Awe-InspiringThe Décor: RegalThe Ambiance: Exquisite
Unlike any other event in the city, Caribana Above the City will feature a red carpet lifestyle, the glitz and glamour of Canada’s most prestigious venue, and Toronto’s finest progressive social audience.
This is an upscale event catering to the 25 and over mature clientele. Dress Code in full effect. Semi-formal attire a must.
Go Up
The Wow Factor…

Canada’s premier special event producers unite to bring you Toronto’s most anticipated upscale soirée.
Caribana Above The City is truly Toronto’s first choice for higher entertainment. The reason is quite simple: We Offer More For Those Who’ve Come to Expect More…
A regal and spacious atmosphere inside Canada's most prestigious venue
A spectacular panoramic view 38 floors above the city
Rich and elegant decor
Toronto's premier upscale event producers
An all-star line-up of Canada's top DJ's
An A-LIST Clientele composed of Toronto's 25 plus progressive social audience
An enforced semi-formal fashionable dress code
Complimentary hors-d'oeuvres
Drink Specials
For the ladies a strawberries and champagne fantasy before 11pm
Door prize give-a-ways
And more…
Plus to add to the excitement we've arranged for the return of the Sexy and seductive Toronto Dymes Cover Models lingerie and swimwear fashion show.
Music By:
The Incomparable: DJ Stealth
The Boombastic: Mr AL
The Smooth Operator: DJ Frisco
With Special Guest: Shockwave
ALL UNDER ONE ROOF delivering your ultimate entertainment package in a totally upscale environment.
Go Up
One-Day Sale Advance Tickets: $20
Early Bird Super Saver One-Day Sale is Back! – Tuesday July 14th
Tickets are just $20 during this One-Day Sale!
As always we give you our loyal supporters the opportunity to save some money and have a little extra to spend on your outfit. For one day only all tickets will be priced at just $20 per ticket.
The one-day sale will take place on Tuesday July 14th, 2009 from 10:00am to Midnight. Tickets can be purchased only from the promoters on that day.
To purchase tickets during the one-day sale please call 416.368.4300.
Group orders of 10 or more will receive free delivery. There two convenient methods of payment:
1) In person – 416.368.4300
2) Interac Email Money Transfer
If you are not familiar with Interac Email Money Transfer please get to know it. It will be your best friend in the future. I have provided a link for you to familiarize yourself with it and set up your account. Check it out at this link:
Go Up
Advance Tickets and RSVP Options
We’ve made it very convenient for you to purchase your tickets by providing the following four options:
Tickets can be purchased directly from the promoter by calling 416.368.4300 or email http://ca.mc385.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=mcharles05@msn.com
Tickets can be purchased by visiting any of the Ticket Outlets listed below
Tickets can be purchased online with your credit card by clicking on the following link: http://toulacaribanaparty.eventbrite.com/
Tickets can be purchased by Interac Email Money Transfer. To find out how click this link: http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=1055108749&msgid=30814943&act=GXL9&c=97338&admin=0&destination=http://www.interac.ca/consumer/iemtpromo/

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunset Beach with Mozez

There's a hot new podcast out there you should give a listen to, our friend Mozez Ali's Sunset Beach. On this week's episode, Mozez talks about Caribana 2K9 - What's the women to men ratio? Hey Moze, I know that's why you love to play mas!Mozez' love for music has inspired him to produce this new show that's taking podcasts by storm. Sunset Beach is a must listen to with a blend of top 40, Reggae, Latin and Soca that appeals to all demographics. On facebook, this is where you can check out SUNSET BEACH - The Radio Show (with Mozez Ali).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Make up your mas

So have you planned your makeup yet? If you are gifted with makeup brushes, lucky you. If not, maybe you have a friend who is, or you're letting a pro take care of it. Here are some makeup looks I like that would go well with your costumes.

I'm thinking Zambesi Treasures

Smoky Quartz

Very Warrior
I like!!

Wild Roses

Golden Pheasant


~I really like this look
Crees of Canada
Water Lily

Rainbow Moonstone

This year I got my rhinestones for $1 a pack at Bargain Club (a dollar + store). They carry many colours, and small, medium & large sizes.
I also found multicoloured, single colours and clear rhinestones last year at A Buck or Two for $1. I use eyelash glue to put them on. Dollar stores are the way to go! Rhinestones are in the craft sections of stores, so besides Michaels, you can also check out Walmart & Zellers.

As far as false eyelashes go, I haven't been successful with them. When I did wear them once, they were uncomfortable (I wear contacts). Sephora has a great selection, and drug & department stores carry them.

So masqueraders, who is doing your makeup, or where did you get your rhinestones, lashes, etc?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New location for Island lime

Caribana concert moved to Ontario Place due to canceled ferry service

Web Staff, cp24.com

Revellers show off their costumes at the launch of Scotiabank Caribana 2009 at Yonge-Dundas Square on Tuesday, July 14, 2009.

Scotiabank Caribana's annual Sunday concert, formerly known as Island Weekend, is moving to the mainland this year due to the municipal workers strike that has put ferry services on hold.

Scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 2, "De Scotiabank Caribana Lime" concert and cultural celebration will now unfold at Ontario Place instead of its usual spot on Olympic Island.

Events will be scattered through the provincially-sponsored park, but will focus on the East Island in the Heritage Square area of the grounds due to its abundance of stages and outdoor venues.

"We really want to do whatever we can to support tourism in the city, so it was easy," said Ontario Place spokesperson Terry Caddo, referring to the decision to host the event on such short notice.

All of the acts originally scheduled to appear on the island will be present at the Ontario Place event. The entry cost will be $14, as opposed to the originally planned $10 entry and $5 ferry fee for the island event.

The location change comes as the city workers strike that has affected services including garbage collection, child care and ferry service drags into its fifth week.

The concert is not the only Caribana event whose location has been put in jeopardy due to the strike. Despite concerns with holding events at city-run facilities, organizers now say the Pan Alive and King and Queen events will go ahead at Lamport Stadium as planned.

The city-owned stadium is located near King and Dufferin Streets. Pan Alive is scheduled Friday, July 31, while the king and queen event is set for Thursday, July 30.

The trademark Saturday, Aug 1 parade along Lake Shore Boulevard will proceed as planned. The city has assured Caribana organizers that there will be garbage pick-up and EMS on hand, much like it did for the Pride Festival in June.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Concerts at Harbourfront Centre

For the last couple years we have been going to the "Jouvert" fete that used to be held at Palazzo. It was a real nice party and it has been moved to Embers this year.

However, last year I really over did it at that fete and I swore that I am not feteing that hard the night before Caribana again. We must have left Jouvert after 4:am, after having some corn soup and bake and shark in the parking lot, it was almost sunrise when we reach home. I woke up at maybe 9am, my head was still spinning, and hurting and I was feeling ill. Long story short, we reach down at lakeshore probably a little before noon, and I was still stale drunk and in no mood to jump up. Somebody encouraged me to take some more tylenol and wash it down with some rum. That worked wonders, but it took some time.
Why am I telling you this story? because I have decided that I will be in my bed by 2am at the latest on Caribana eve.

With my time restrictions and in light of the economic climate (and my love of a FREE show)
I think we are hitting Harbourfront Centre on the Friday night (July 31st). Here, we will be entertained by none other that Roy Cape and the Kaiso All stars (including blaxx). They are coming on at 7pm.

Then they are having some drumming and at 9:30pm Mighty Shadow is performing.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn't go out and support the peoples fetes, This event is probably ending at about 10:30 - 11:00 pm. So that leaves you plenty time to go out and fete, you're already downtown and steps from the club district. If you are young and strong, GO BRAVE. Last year I treated it as a warm up, and I went on to have a ball at my fete.

One word of caution to you out of towners, this is not West Indian time. When they say 7pm, thats what they mean. You waltz in at 8:30 expecting to see Roy Cape and they won't be there. This venue doesn't mess around with time.

Roy Cape and the Kaiso All Stars
July 31, 2009 coming on at 7PM

The Mighty ShadowFriday, July 31, 2009 9:30 PM

Harbourfront Centre has this whole thing going on all weekend called Island soul. Check out their website for full details. They have pan and calypso and food and workshops for the kids.
If thats not enought, on the Sunday Tony Rebel will also be giving a free show.
Tony Rebel

August 2, 2009
With a career that spans two decades and ten albums and with a surge in popularity of sing-jays like Sizzla, Buju Banton, Anthony B or Junior Kelly in the late 90s, it's easy to forget that Tony Rebel was performing that style long before they adopted it. Rebel’s many global reggae anthems include If Jah (Is Standing By My Side), Fresh Vegetable and Nazarite Vow and smash collaborations with Everton Blender, his late friend Garnett Silk and with Swade with whom the song Just Friends reached the number one position on the charts in Jamaica, New York, Canada and Miami. Rebel is not only a musician, but has built a music empire producing one of the most popular music festivals in Jamaica, Rebel Salute every January, and is the chair of the UNICEF sponsored Artists Against AIDS organization.
Tony Rebel performs live at 9:30pm on the Sirius Satellite Stage

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Junior Carnival '09

Yesterday was a great day for Junior Carnival, the threatening rain clouds didn't amount to anything. There were many very well made costumes, with a stand out being the Flight of the Macaw (Fantasia).

The bands that participated were Carnival Nationz, Callaloo, Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club, Jessie Matthews, & the Calabash Co., Nip Davis & Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club, Whitney Doldron & Courtney Doldron & Associates, Mas Toronto, Whitfield Belasco & Pleasure Players, Toronto Revellers, and Tribal Knights.

Jamaal Maglorie hard at work

Father & Daughter Whitney Doldron & Courtney Doldron

Big hey to several people who recognized me & came up & said hi. When I saw the junior version of the section I'm playing in, I couldn't help but get excited and I can't wait to play mas in 2 weeks!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sway and Feel De Vibe

Sway, Canada's black lifestyle magazine, has started to go national with this annual Caribana issue. It will now be available across Canada in 150 Chapters and Indigo (and other) stores. The cover story is an interesting interview with Jamaal Magloire (Toronto Revellers). There is also a great retrospective of Caribana's past, from the 90's back to the 60's. Oh, and check out the e-pan!

One of the People with Sway featured is Nurse Karen from FLOW 93.5 FM. Way to flow Karen! The Official Caribana Guide is also out, with cover model Naomi Cowan, host of SBCTV.
She's modeling Tribal Knight's African Lilac Breast quite well. The stylized glossy mag gives us a look at Calypso as storytelling, Mas Hysteria, and a feature on Curtis Eustace's King of Carnival wins. You can get your copy at any of the Caribana events.

Caribana 2010 slideshow

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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