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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Whats up with Hamiltons Carnival???(Mardis Gras)

(Last year after the parade in Hamilton)

I have heard a really alarming and disturbing rumor that Carnival will not happen in Hamilton this year. PLEASE Somebody say its not true.

I'm usually here trying to let people know whats going on with Caribana, but this is an open plea for info, if anyone knows whats the story please leave a comment or send us an e-mail.

As you all might know, we Love carnival in Hamilton and we have been attending every year since it started and I actually look forward to it as much as I do Caribana itself. In some aspects, I have more fun in Hamilton. If true, this will be a huge dissapointment.
So please, if you can displel this rumor or share the story as to why Hamilton isn't happening, please let us all know


Lexxx said...

nooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyy! i hope this really is just a rumour! i LOVVE hamilton carnival! i have more fun there then @ caribana!

Anonymous said...

I heard it too, on tuesday was when someone told me. They said because of the man who started carnival in hamilton has died. I dont know how true that story is, that is just what i heard.

browneyeztrini said...

I was told the same info. The reason I heard is that the husband who puts it on with his wife passed away and she doesn't have the money to put on the Carnival.

Reveller said...

It's true...no Hamilton Carnival this year ;-(...I got the official word from my Mas Camp. I too am sad because I actally like Hamilton Carnival more than Toronto! I was told that the organizers didn't make much money last year and it was pure chaos and confusion over the parking fee, entry etc...guess we have to take d lime to Barrie this year!

Anonymous said...

I think you might be right! I went to the Hamilton, ON tourism website and there's nothing listed for Mardi Gras for 2009 on the website or on the events calendar. The Mardi Gras website for 2008 is still active, but the phone number and email listed do not work. So I guess it's not happening!
But have no fear...even with the garbage strike, Caribana in TO is still happening!

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that this is NOT a rumor. It is confirmed canceled this year. I don't know why, it just is. I too am greatly upset by this. Seeing as I live in Hamilton, hoping to play in Toronto and Hamilton would be nice. But looks like I'm going to Barrie now.

I know this because I contacted the band leader of the band I played with last year, which is exclusive to Hamilton only. And she told me it was canceled this year. There is a glimmer of hope for next year though. She said there might be one next year.

Trinbajan said...

I heard a couple of weeks ago from a section leader that they're going to have it in Niagara. I haven't found out the reason yet, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Yeah, its looking like its true, I also heard from a couple section leaders and they confirmed that due to financial issues, there will be no Hamilton mas this year. Its REALLY sad. I hope it returns next year. I could see how they would have lost money at the park gates last year, after the rain came and prevented the music trucks from entering the park, I don't think too many people paid to go inside.

Karabana said...

I'm extremely bummed about this. I have a much more relaxed kind of fun in Hamilton, I really look forward to it every year.
Well, I hope the bands plan on heading to Barrie then.

Anonymous said...

I have the last 3 Hamilton Carnivals on You tube search

or check these links







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Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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