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Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Concerts at Harbourfront Centre

For the last couple years we have been going to the "Jouvert" fete that used to be held at Palazzo. It was a real nice party and it has been moved to Embers this year.

However, last year I really over did it at that fete and I swore that I am not feteing that hard the night before Caribana again. We must have left Jouvert after 4:am, after having some corn soup and bake and shark in the parking lot, it was almost sunrise when we reach home. I woke up at maybe 9am, my head was still spinning, and hurting and I was feeling ill. Long story short, we reach down at lakeshore probably a little before noon, and I was still stale drunk and in no mood to jump up. Somebody encouraged me to take some more tylenol and wash it down with some rum. That worked wonders, but it took some time.
Why am I telling you this story? because I have decided that I will be in my bed by 2am at the latest on Caribana eve.

With my time restrictions and in light of the economic climate (and my love of a FREE show)
I think we are hitting Harbourfront Centre on the Friday night (July 31st). Here, we will be entertained by none other that Roy Cape and the Kaiso All stars (including blaxx). They are coming on at 7pm.

Then they are having some drumming and at 9:30pm Mighty Shadow is performing.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn't go out and support the peoples fetes, This event is probably ending at about 10:30 - 11:00 pm. So that leaves you plenty time to go out and fete, you're already downtown and steps from the club district. If you are young and strong, GO BRAVE. Last year I treated it as a warm up, and I went on to have a ball at my fete.

One word of caution to you out of towners, this is not West Indian time. When they say 7pm, thats what they mean. You waltz in at 8:30 expecting to see Roy Cape and they won't be there. This venue doesn't mess around with time.

Roy Cape and the Kaiso All Stars
July 31, 2009 coming on at 7PM

The Mighty ShadowFriday, July 31, 2009 9:30 PM

Harbourfront Centre has this whole thing going on all weekend called Island soul. Check out their website for full details. They have pan and calypso and food and workshops for the kids.
If thats not enought, on the Sunday Tony Rebel will also be giving a free show.
Tony Rebel

August 2, 2009
With a career that spans two decades and ten albums and with a surge in popularity of sing-jays like Sizzla, Buju Banton, Anthony B or Junior Kelly in the late 90s, it's easy to forget that Tony Rebel was performing that style long before they adopted it. Rebel’s many global reggae anthems include If Jah (Is Standing By My Side), Fresh Vegetable and Nazarite Vow and smash collaborations with Everton Blender, his late friend Garnett Silk and with Swade with whom the song Just Friends reached the number one position on the charts in Jamaica, New York, Canada and Miami. Rebel is not only a musician, but has built a music empire producing one of the most popular music festivals in Jamaica, Rebel Salute every January, and is the chair of the UNICEF sponsored Artists Against AIDS organization.
Tony Rebel performs live at 9:30pm on the Sirius Satellite Stage


Tru said...

i was at Jouvert ladt year, and will be there again this year!

Karabana said...

Yeah, it's a good time... too good!

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