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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Caribana to get back its' name?

A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law asked me, what is a doubles? (she was asking because her vegetarian Yoga instructor who was fishing on Facebook for a doubles man in Windsor).
I realized as a son-in-law/cultural ambassador, I wasn't doing such a good job if my own mother-in-law didn't know what a doubles was. So, when she came to visit, I found myself by Leana's waiting patiently for my order and started flipping through the Caribbean Camera. I read this headline "CAG board to decide on FMC proposal"

You can click the link to read the article
It's about time. Whenever I hear someone refer to our festival as the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, it makes me cringe, and reminds me that the FMC and CAG have FAILED to negotiate a workable solution. I mean, who walks away from a brand name with such wide recognition? Who do you know that has never heard of Caribana? Do you have any idea what it costs to build such a brand? (Ask them how much time and money went into getting people to say Toronto Caribbean Carnival. How well did that work?)
So why now?    

Ok fine, maybe the name has some baggage associated with it, and the mere mention triggers many to flee to cottage country for the weekend. But, all kind of festivals would kill to have a name like Caribana. 

Well the 50th anniversary is coming up this summer, and it really would be silly to try and celebrate the 50 years of the festival formerly known as Caribana. I was kinda hoping they would finally make an effort to kiss and makeup before the anniversary.

Maybe the current FMC leadership is looking for legacy. I mean, what sort of progress has been made since Joe Halstead handed over the reins? I'll give you a minute to think on that one. You guys can tell me what successful new initiatives have been launched since Joe departed (in the comments). I don't want to say they are treading water or worse, but ...
Anyway, saying that they negotiated a deal to bring the name Caribana back, it would be something they could point to at the retirement gala.
 Don't get me wrong, I have no horse in this race, I don't care who runs things, as long as they don't run it into the ground. I think working out a deal to bring all interested parties back into the fold, and work together to build on what we have, is to be encouraged.
 I don't imagine this will make any difference in the running of the festival, I mean as the article states, it's not a marriage of equals.  And who pays the piper...

So, this isn't a magic pill to cure what ails us, except maybe the answer to, "why don't they call it Caribana anymore?"  Well, everybody reading this knows the answer, and you will no longer have to explain to your friends why Caribbean people can't come together and work this stuff out. That alone is a worthy goal.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

It's a wrap - Toronto Carnival 2016 done

I was very pleased to see so many men playing mas and looking outstanding wearing a full costume. Was there an increase in male masqueraders for Carnival 2016? Seems like it, which bands should consider a big success. 


 Going through our combined pictures, I’ve noticed a particular footwear theme this carnival. Ladies are back to sneakers, and a lot of plain white. Not many decorated shoes or boots. Could it be because masqueraders didn’t want to spend any more on shoes after the cost of their costume?



Trini-in-Toronto sure spent a lot of time in Lac Rose! Hmmm, I wonder why? 😉
Looking lovely ladies! 



When it comes to on point headpieces, this Pyrrhula Finch visor/beak takes the win. 



Super cute feline trio. 

Loved Nefertiti on the road. The way the halters and waistbands were decorated with that fantastic beading, and those headpieces:  Double Thumbs Up emoticon (Yes emoticons)


My favourite CNz costume. I mean, that necklace though! 😍


Get it gyrl! 






And that does it for Carnival 2016!

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