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Thursday, August 09, 2012

The next parade...

This Saturday there are a few parades, West Fete, CariVaughan and Niagara Caribbean Carnival.

With Hamilton MardiGras and Barrie Caribfest not happening (and likely officially done), we've got to look to other carnivals for our las lap people. Remember what the first Hamilton and Barrie parades were like. Small, not much of a crowd. But then in the second and third years, things picked up, and they became THE carnivals to look forward to. So I say we give these carnivals a chance, because everything has to start small, but eventually it grows, with enough support. There is very little info out there about Niagara and Brampton, so we're likely to check out Vaughan.
Just to clarify, no TMBA bands are officially taking part, but all masqueraders are encouraged and welcome to come out with their costumes and take a jump. And don't fear the rain, the farmers need it.... come to think of it, how come I haven't heard about the farmers rhythm section in a long time? (That's off topic) even if you don't come in costume at least come and buy a box of jerk and drink a beer to support the festival.  

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Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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