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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Number 2 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~

~ Twenty years of Caribana ~
After my first Caribana, what I knew for sure was that I was doing it again, and I wanted a blue costume. 
See I had these blue sneakers that I really liked, and it was all about matching sneakers to your costume of course!
In 2001, a new friend we made from Trinidad had never played mas before (😲!!), so I found it funny that I was showing her the ropes. 

Our costume designed by Ross had a cape, sports bra & shorts, and, the piece of carnival modesty known as a bumsie cover. I had my own vision, so I used that sparkly bumsie cover over my own blue bikini top, threw on my bikini bottoms, and wore that! Ross laughed/smiled when he saw me at the parade, and I'm not saying that I started it 😜, but sports bras & shorts were then not seen as much... 
The foam headpiece was light and so easy to wear. Standards were mandatory for masqueraders, and ours looked fantastic blowing in the breeze. Carrying a standard was part of the costume and performance. It was heavy, but I liked moving it.

Of course I kept the standard from my first Caribana! Here it is with Shawn's headpiece hanging from it.

What I also remember from year 2 was how much fun our friend had at the fetes, and how she let herself free up on the road. 

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