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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Launching Toronto Carnival

THIS!! 🤩

The countdown is on, as the official launch for Toronto Carnival 2019 kicked off today. Here are pictures I got after our Old Time Carnival performance. Incidentally, most were taken behind the plastic barrier with my new point & shoot. 😮 A photography experiment of sorts.

Not only was the audience continually reminded to respect the mas by everyone from the festival, but the FMC has introduced a new hashtag, #RespectTheParade, which is on their banner. As I've said many, many times, this is all well and good, but FMC, how about you get this message out to the right people? You know, the stormers. Who aren't in attendance at official festival events. Work with all local media, specifically radio stations, to spread the word. And you must let our neighbours to the south, particularly those from New York know.
It's a challenge, getting this respect message out to those who storm. But fmc, don't just take the easy lazy way out of the problem. Announcing it at all the events, which are attended by mas enthusiasts and devotees. WHO DON'T STORM. Go further with it. With proper PR working with all media, you can try to reach the people who need to hear it.



Unknown said...

Wonderful photos, as always. So nice that when I can't be at one of these events, i can look at your photos

Karabana said...

Thanks a lot Unknown, I worried they wouldn't turn out through plastic!

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