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Friday, August 14, 2009

Say no to copying

Due to a recent post being copied & sent as a message to a facebook group, it's time to explain plagiarism.
This is an independent blog. It's not affiliated with any organization or company. I write my posts in my own words, and contributor Trini-in-Toronto's posts are his words. When I do post an outside article, I link the source. By the way, even if you're taking information from "official" websites, you know you should be linking the source.

While Trini-in-Toronto may find it flattering that someone liked what he wrote enough to use it, the fact is, it was directly copied and sent as a message. Making it look as though the copier wrote it. Because they didn't name the source (the author), or provide a link to the blog. Yes, that's plagiarism, and it's extremely unprofessional. When this was brought to their attention, and they were asked to send a message linking the blog, they ignored it, and then sent another message copying from the post again. I can't see that blatant disregard as anything but mean spirited.

Just as other bloggers have posted my pictures (pictures I've taken) on their blogs, & they provide a link to karabana.blogspot.ca, the same is expected if you use any written work here. I know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but truthfully, when I've read my opinions and comments practically word-for-word elsewhere, I do feel annoyed. I wonder why people can't form their own opinions? Has technology produced such laziness, that actually writing something yourself is unheard of?! There's too much copying & pasting going on.

So to spell it out for you: if you don't want to write your own thoughts, but use a post you've read here without asking, you MUST name karabana.blogspot.ca as the source and provide a link.


ennekaycee said...

There's an Add This feature that you can add to your blog. People can share the content (on FB/My Space etc) by clicking the "Add This" link, but it will always link back to your blog.


Karabana said...

Thanks Ennekaycee, I've done that & would expect it to be used in good faith, I mean, let's face it, it makes it easy for you.
If it's not used, I know it's obviously bc the plagiarizer has zero creativity, is lazy & obviously feels "fuck you, I'll do what I want" - which says loud & clear what kind of relationship they want to have with me.

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