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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Unofficial Caribana results

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS from 2009 SCOTIABANK CARIBANA™ PARADE- as of Saturday, August 1st, 2009 (date of competition) at Exhibition Stadium, Toronto- all bands listed per category- official results to be released later this week2009 Scotiabank Caribana™ Band of the Year (Category A)RANK – THEME – MAS BAND (BANDLEADER) –
1st IN FULL BLOOM – Carnival Nationz (Marcus Eustace, Bryce Aguiton & Dwayne Pitt)2nd A TRIBUTE TO HAROLD SALDENAH – THE GOLDEN YEARS – Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club (Louis Saldenah) –
3rd BRAZIL – BACHANNAL IN RIO – Toronto Revellers (Jamaal Magloire) –
4th BIRDS OF PARADISE – Tribal Knights (Dexter Seusahai)
5th THE GANGES MEETS THE NILE – Callaloo (Marlon Singh) –
6th INTO D WILD – Mas Toronto (Errol & Alicia Achue) –
7th DIS IS AFRICA – Nip Davis & SCSC (Selwyn “Nip” Davis) –
8th ALL ABOARD – Jessie Matthews & All Ah We Toronto (Cy & Jessie Matthews) – Scotiabank Caribana™ Band of the Year (Category B&C)RANK – THEME – MAS BAND (BANDLEADER) – SCORE
1st SAFARI – All Spice Carnival (Curtis Eustace & Andre DeFreitas) –
2nd GEM STONES – Connections – TCC (Mervyn Skeete)
3rd MAS HYSTERIA – Doldron, Doldron & Associates (Courtney Doldron) –
4th A TASTE OF BRAZIL – Fantazia International (Will Morton) –
5th DRAGON MASTERS OF THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE – Pleasure Players (Whitfield Balasco)
6th A TRIBUTE TO THE OLYMPICS – Borokeete Nex Generation (Anthony Joseph)
7th COME DANCE WITH ME – All d’Friendz (Sherry Lee Kam) –

Judging Criteria:Each band must portray a theme suitable of the Carnival masquerade tradition, and a panel of volunteer judges will adjudicate each band based on the following criteria: Visual Impact (max. 20 marks); Authenticity (10); Creativity (20); Mas on the Move (10); Clarity of Theme (10); Presentation (20); and Craftsmanship (10) for a total of 100 marks. The order of merit is determined by discarding the highest and lowest score per participant. The judges’ decision is final, and is announced at the end of the parade.NOTES:Traditionally, there are 16 competing mas band spots per year that are hotly contested. They are been divided into three (3) categories:Category “A” Bands: - Mas Bands #1 – #8 - Composed of the top six (6) adjudicated “A” bands from the previous year plus the top two (2) adjudicated “B” bands from the previous year for a total of 8 bands. Inclusion determined bymarks awarded. Size of band not a determining factor.Category “B” Bands: - Mas Bands #9 – #14 - Composed of the seventh- and eighth-placed Category “A” bands from the previous year, plus the 11th- through to 14th-placed Category “B” bands from the previous year for a total of six bands. Inclusion determined by marks awarded only. Size of band not a determining factor.Category “C” Bands: - Mas Bands #15 & #16 - Composed of two new, or returning mas bands (after said returning band sits out one year of competition). Any of these bands can advance from Category “C” to Category “A” in one year.For 2009, instead of having 16 competing mas bands, there were only 15 competing mas bands comprising: eight (8) competing “A” bands; five (5) competing “B” bands; and two (2) new competing “C” bands. All mas and steel bands made it onto the parade route.


elsa said...

Way to go AllSpice, congrats. We look fabalous on the road.

Anonymous said...

YAY.... CARNIVAL NATIONZ! :):):) congrats to the carnival nationz crew. See you guys again next year.

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