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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who fuh Las lap?

Last years parade in Barrie

The lime by the beach at the end of the parade

This is a link to see our opinions on Barrie from last year

Yes folks, allyuh ready to go again?

I know it still have plenty of you, who thinking about going but not sure if it will be good, and
yuh worried it don't have enough Trinis in Barrie and people might watch you funny. Don't worry, we went last year and it was a real nice lime. The route is pretty short but the ending point is BEEESSSST. Its a really nice park right on the beach. And they have a stage set up with live music and plenty people selling good food and crafts. And they have a beer tent.

Plus, there was no Hamilton, so I think more people going to show up. So call your band or section leader and ask them if they making the trip. If they say no, ask them why not and mention that (insert band name here) is going, so what happen to them?

I know Saldenah is going and Barrie Masqueraders, Carnival Nationz, Callaloo
Mervyn Skeets Toronto Caribbean Connection and Nip Davis were there last year. I don't know who else is coming this year. Even if your band isn't coming, just bring your costume and fall in with somebody

Incase you never been to Barrie, here are directionsCentennial 75 Lakeshore Dr
Barrie, ON L4N 0A1
Directions to Main Stage for spectators:
From Toronto to Centennial Park, location of main stage:
  1. North on HWY 400
  2. Exit at Essa Rd.
  3. Turn Right on Essa Rd. (heading north)
  4. Turn Right at Tiffin St.
  5. Turn Left onto Lakeshore Dr.
  6. Follow to Centennial Park at 75 Lakeshore Dr. on the Right Side
Please note that these directions are how to get to the end of the parade route.... no, I'm not drunk. We learned last year its best to park at the end of the route and walk up to the start, that way when yuh finish parade and you liming for hours in the park, yuh cooler right THERE .... you see where I am going.

Ah nearly forget, bring a blanket and towel and ting incase you want to go for a swim, they have nice clean changing facilities.
Also, unlike Caribana, Barrie Caribfest is a very child friendly event, so feel free to walk with your little ones.

You can go to the website to get the rest of the directions, or you could just follow people with plastic cups in their hand walking from the park.

They say the parade starts at 12 noon.

So Hail us out if you are coming.


Trini-in-Toronto said...

As of today, they calling for mainly sunny and a high of 26 degrees. Not too hot... not rainy ... just right. Don't say I never told you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice re: parking. I dere!!!

Mz No Behavior said...

I wish I could be there in my all of my Morning Glory!!!

Reveller said...

STEUPS to Toronto Revllers for not going to Barrie! What happen, cause all yuh come in 3rd yuh have to get on sour like puss? D People's band my backside! Caribana 2k9 was my worst experience to date and I playing mass with dem since d beginning! I mean after all d commess on d road Caribana day all yuh could have at least tried to fix it and give we an extra jump up SHIMS MAN!

Karabana said...

Reveller, really? What happened? After all the positive reports from years past, what happened this year?
Anyway, still come to Barrie Reveller, it's not strict organized, you can jump in with any band.

Reveller said...

Well Miss Karabana...where shall I begin? Let me start off on a positive note and give kudos to the section leaders of Pink Pleasure and to whoever created the opening presentation. They were all on point! I can't and won't speak for the other sections as I only jumped up in one however from what I saw, in my opinion, the majority of the sections turned out great!

What I thought to be pure foolishness is when we were lined up to go before the judges. I was in maybe the 4th section from d back...why is it that we had NO MUSIC until we literally got in front d judges? WHAT D A** is that about? you have 3 blinkin music trucks and all 3 trucks gone??? How us masqueraders are to get hype and "feel d vibe" if we ain't have no music? Photographers and media asking we how come all yuh ain't dancing and why all yuh looking so? We lookin so cause we ain't have no damn music!

Having a band leader who was drunk to the 10th power yelling foolishness in d mic as we crossed the judges was not helpful either! Please! give d mic to Roy, Rita & Blaxx dat is what yuh payin dem fuh!

Then to top it off shortly after we cross d judges and gone down d hill security roll up dey orange fence and dey GONE! You tellin me that we ain't even reach half way through d route and you pack up fence and leave? yuh mad or what? Of course as soon as security gone, fight break way in front of Roy Cape Truck and it was one set of bacchanal.

If you pride yourself on being d peoples band then one would think that d peoples SAFETY & SECURITY would be top priority.

Considering there is no Hamilton Carnival this year I am left wondering why they couldn't pick up and go to Barrie?

Come on Revellers get your act together for next year.

Miss Karabana I will still come out to Barrie this weekend and enjoy d lime. After Caribana I could use d sweet release!

Karabana said...

Oh my, Wow. I don't know what to say really... except TO Revellers, come fuh yuh las lap in Barrie, you deserve de sweet release as Reveller said.

mass#1fan said...

Hey Kara or anyone else who can help. I just have a quick question. I am planning on going to Barrie but my little sister has to come with me. I wanted to know if they are as strict as in toronto? She is 17 but does not have a costume and I just did not want to leave her on the side as a spectator wanted to bring her along with me on the route from the begining let her see what it is like..even know it is much smaller than toronto. Do you think that would be a problem?

Karabana said...

Hi Mass#1fan, that wouldn't be a problem in Barrie, it's much smaller (smaller than Hamilton) & you'll see non costumed volunteers in the parade... it's not even an issue in Hamilton to have a non costumed person jumping in with you in the parade.
C'ya there!

mass#fan said...

Hey Kara thank you so much for that info, she is very excited now.
Definately ...see you there :)

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