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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

On De Road!

How was your Carib2kwine?? Ours was fine! The night before we were at Harbourfront for Roy Cape and Shadow, so we didn't have the usual late night & rough morning.
We met up with Saldenah at about 11:30, and as predicted, we crossed the stage at noon, 12:10 to be exact. Again like in '07, we got to the end of the parade route without any stormers!!!
We also jumped up with Tribal Knights, Toronto Revellers and Callaloo. There were some stormers in those bands, but not a massive sea of people when we were with them. Revellers didn't have the fence this year, Carnival Nationz did, & it was green.
We didn't see Carnival Nationz, Fantasia, or All Spice on the road, although we saw some CNz masqueraders along the route with other bands.

love the boots!
The Tembu Warriors section was given lunch (chicken, rice, salad) towards the end of the route. Then our truck with beverages (coconut water & mango juice) found us. Trini-in-Toronto is pleased to report that his 4 years with no food spell is over, he got lunch this year!!

So how were your treated by your band/section on the road, did they feed & water you? What was new this year to improve upon the stormer situation, was this gate towards the end.
Police were stationed there and supposed to be allowing only masqueraders out to continue to the end of the route. There were plenty of annoyed non costumed people, and at one point when we were there, we were going to head back up the road, but couldn't as they were expecting the crowd to cooperate & get out of the way so they could let the waiting band through. We just walked through the CNE grounds, man, the crowds were too slow moving for me, but at least there was no line up for the port-a-potty I found.

Was security as a whole better this year? Perhaps - what are your thoughts? What band were you in, when did you cross the stage, and at what point in the parade or at what time did stormers infiltrate your band?
I did see the no-fear head of Caribana security forcibly put two women out, and I suspect that's what his day was filled with.

Masqueraders who would like your pictures posted, I'd like to display a slide show, so you can email me your pictures: karabana01@yahoo.ca

Another Caribana over too fast! See you for our last lap at Barrie's Caribfest, August 15th!


mass#1fan said...

Kara..wanted to say thank you for all the helpful info leading up to caribana..your blog is always on point...so wanted to give you props

COngrats to CNZ...happy to be part of that win...they really did a great job on the rd...the experience with them was AMAZING...security really worked that green fence...at some points during the parade route I really looked around in shock that there were no non masquraders..

In terms of the rd experence...there were lots of non maquraders complaning...and I will say now what i said to them..."Get use to it" you are attending the parade as a spectator..so you should just be viewing if you want to participate buy a costume..as simple as that.

Tru said...

Hey Kara - sorry I didnt get to meet you....we were LATE!!!! They were calling CN as we we walking to the entrance of the CNE. We literally had to run to make it, thank goodness we did and crossed the stage. The rest of the way wasn't as good - they let a lot of non costumed people in the band. Like they were scared of putting them out. We were stopped in the same place for about an hour, but all in all, I had a nice time w/o any issues.

Carnivalcocoa said...

Yes Karabana, another good year done. *sniff, sniff*

I played with Pleasure Players in D'Regulars section -- they're always at the back of the band. I was so glad to make it to Lakeshore this year as we've been left behind in Exhibition Place car park for the last 2 years --- damn damn damn.

Regardless I always have fun in Toronto. I saw so many gorgeous costumes that I think I'll play pretty mas next year instead of the Starlift-type mas with Pleasure Players/D'Regulars.

In terms of stormers, my band had the opposite experience. We had stormers from the first third of Lakeshore blvd. --- masqueraders from other bands and non-masqueraders alike. But still I was to glad to finally make it to Lakeshore after a 2-year lapse.

Yay!!!!!! Toronto rocks!!!!!!!!!

Carnival Diva 7 said...

Kara, you looked awesome in your costume.

As for the stormers, it got pretty bad about a quarter of the way through. There was so many people walking backwards, it ruffled my feathers lol.

Karabana said...

Thanks everyone, it's great to hear from masqueraders from many bands.

Carnival Diva 7, thanks! I'd like to see your pictures & everyone who would like your pictures posted on the blog, I'd like to display a slide show, so you can email me your pictures: karabana01@yahoo.ca

Carnival Diva 7 said...

Sure, I'd love to send you a pic.

As for caribfest, I might not be going, wish I could but...not feeling to well lately.

Lexxx said...

Kara I had an EXCELLENT time with Allspice. Even though the road was apparently full of people and we were 15th in the lineup, we crossed the stage between 3-4pm which I thought was great. We got jam up a lil bit right after crossing, but after the first third of the road it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day. We got our food before we crossed, drinks throughout (water, pop, energy drinks) I will DEFINITELY play again with them. I know there was alot of apprehension about this band in the beginning, and there was some confusion with costumes and pickup and all that, but it really was nice. See u in Barrie!

Trini-in-Toronto said...


Two years shut out from the lakeshore and you played with them again? That lime MUST be REAL sweet boy. That is real loyalty. Glad you made it onto the road and had a good time. See you in Barrie hopefully

Carnivalcocoa said...

Yes, Trini-in-Toronto. This year, I planned to leave their asses behind in the car park. :)
I was making it to Lakeshore blvd regardless -- band or no band. I was not sticking for a third year!

Carnivalcocoa said...

I never went to Barrie. I live in New York so that'll be too much travelling so soon for me. I look forward to that review. I have to budget.
Btw, that's why I stay with D'Regulars section -- it's a cheap mas and I have to budget as a visitor (for bus ride from NY, hotel, spending money etc)

Painting Framingham MA said...

Looks like so much fun!

<3 Lindsay

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