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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ahead of the game?

With no more than this logo, Tribal Knights first announced their 2009 Caribana theme on September 11th. I was immediately attracted to this theme, probably because there's been so much said about Trinidad Tribe's Birds of a Feather! With Tribe selling out in record time, indeed, the early bird catches the worm.

Letting the public know about next year just one month after Caribana sure keeps the interest alive - sound familiar? They are taking a shrewd cue from the hot Trinidad Carnival bands of course, who know to create hype all year round.

On October 9th, Toronto Revellers released their theme:
They stated Brazil Carnaval is the next logical choice for a presentation since Viva Las Vegas and Alkebu’lan won them Band of the Year.

There's lots of promise and pressure with this theme. I will be quite curious to see if their costumes are indeed portrayls of Carnaval costumes, which are in an exquisite class all of their own.

For me, colour & craftsmanship is key when chosing a costume. In 2009, I must be totally impressed with the entire costume, it has to deliver in all aspects. At this point in the game, I'm not interested in playing in anything less than spectacular!

So here it is, a cool fall heading into a cold winter, but because some bands have the business savvy to promote well in advance, things are feeling hot!


buublenut said...

Good read. Hopefully I will be there too!!!! :)

Looks like some intresting costumes are coming your way!!!

Karabana said...

Thanks! I hope so too!
Both themes have great potential, but I guess one shouldn't place such high hopes on that, bc you can be let down easily with costumes. The designs are what's important.
Probably TR won't design so literally, not try & replicate modern Carnaval costumes. Which is good since they're often nothing more than itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis... if they even give you that - many go topless, or wear caged bras. What's funny is the c-string (strapless thong). I suppose women wear it to say "Hey! I'm not nude!" lol!
That's not what we need to see a lot of on the Lakeshore, since there's not many Brazilian women masquerading.

Julie-Marie said...

Me and my best friend are planning going to Caribana 2k9! it's an event not to miss I HEAR

Karabana said...

Hi & welcome JULiE-MARiE, for sure, don't miss Caribana 2K9!!! Checked out your blog, nice! :-)

Anonymous said...

I Played mass w/ Revellers in 07 & 08 and all I can say is what an experience! loved my costumes both years and the treatment on the road was amazing. Just a short list of why I already picked Toronto Revellers for 09: This band provided : many options of great looking costumes (both years section leaders made sure I was happy with my costume), an organize bus to lakeshore and back to the mass camp , great food, cold h20 handed to you as you jump up , portable restroom is not far behind (so no need to leave the hype on the road ) great sound systems and both years it felt like friends and family on the road “Toronto Revellers is the people’s band.”  Brazil carnival is not just teenie weenie bikinis its story telling through elaborate costumes , dancers (samba), singers, drummers and so on . 2009 Toronto Revellers you have your work cut out for you but IM READY!

Anonymous said...

We really do NOT need to see any C-strings on the lakeshore.

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