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Saturday, November 15, 2008

KOBO Town you must take in this music

I know I don't normally do too many posts before Dr Jay's Doh cry ah leaving fete
But, I have been inspired to come out of hibernation to let you all know about this band whose music speaks to me.

You all have to check out this link http://www.kobotown.com/

This music sounds instantly familiar, yet fresh. Like nothing I have heard in the longest time. Its a fusion of classic Calypso, dub, roots reggae and a little latin flavor and some jazz for good measure. Its a true WORLD MUSIC.
Can you tell I REAL LIKE this band

On their website you can listen to the entire CD, its excellent music for entertaining friends.

And the lyrics...... yes, there are real lyrics and skillful musicians. they real good.

Check out this thought from the lead singer


Growing up in Diego Martin, Trinidad, my father finally gave in to my enending demands for some new running shoes and brought a pair home as a surprise gift. He decided to edit my request, however, and in a rare display of fiscal restraint purchased a local imitation instead of the expensive foreign brand that I had been agitating for. Although I would not openly spurn the generosity of a hot-tempered West Indian father, I was mortified. But the cause of my dismay was not merely the absence of the logo, which I unwittingly sought as a status-marker among my peers, but rather the presence of a tag which read: Made in Trinidad and Tobago. A quarter-century after Naipaul wrote btterly of the insatiable desire of Trinidadians for all things foreign, I sharted with everyone I knew the neccessary corollary to that desire -- the routine dismissal of all things produced by our own people in our own country. I thought my friends would laugh at my homegrown footwear and I was right. I shared with my friends and neighbours an insatiable appetite for all things foreign, and a routine dismissal of all things made by our people in our country. I thought my friends would laugh at me for my homegrown footwear, and I was right.For us, nothing made in Trinidad could have any worth, especially our culture. Little had changed since Naipaul's observation on the eve of Independence, and now, at the turn of a new century, it remains painfully clear that the forty-four year long experience of nationhood has not succeeded in instilling a sense of cultural self-worth in our people.The title of the album is intended to be hopeful and ironic at the same time: some of the songs on the album offer a critical look at the "independence experiment" (in T&T and abroad) and its various failures and betrayals, while all of the songs aim to celebrate the musical and artistic traditions formed over the long years of our turbulent history. Written out of an unconscious love for old time calypso and the nation and struggle that gave birth to it, this record is also driven by a desire to join those West Indian artists, activists and musicians who have recognized in their work that the wounds in our society run deep into our past, and that recovering a sense of cultural, national and spiritualal self-worth is a crucial first step in the path toward healing and renewal- Drew Gonsalves
Till next time stay cool, if you are in Toronto, try to stay warm


Island Soul said...

Wow, this group is fantastic, thanks for sharing. Like you I'm a lover of fusion music that defies categorization. (I have such an eclectic taste in music I've been known to really confuse music store clerks who can't believe the reggae, swing, country, jazz, R&B and tejano cd's I just bought were all for me and not gifts, lol). If a big part of your love for this group is the social conscience in the lyrics you should check out Michael Franti if you're not already a fan. Thanks again.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Glad you liked them. U-Tube is on my list of restricted sites at work, but I will checkout Spearhead tonight

Thanks for the comment

Wanda Lynne Young said...

I saw this band in London last summer at the Sunfest and they were awesome!

Wanda Lynne Young said...

I mean't to say last year not last summer. Check out the London Sunfest @ the link below.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

That sunfest looks good, you should give us a shout for next year. Things are pretty busy for us in the summer though.

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