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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caribfest in Barrie

Well yes,

Its official, an investment in a Caribana costume is absolutely the best value in terms of any carnival anywhere. What other carnival costume gives you 3 separate opportunities to play mas all within one hour drive of each other. For about $150 you get to play Mas in Toronto, Hamilton and now BARRIE ONTARIO!!!!

I know, I know, you are thinking to yourself, it have no trinis in Barrie?, well I don't know about all that, but Barrie carnival was a REAL!!! sweet Lime.
True, the parade was small, but this is only their 2nd year, and they did really well. The following bands took part in the parade:

Barrie Masqueraders
Carnival Nationz
Mervyn Skeets Toronto Caribbean Connection
Nip Davis

It was real nice, all these Barrie residents came out and lined the streets and clapped and took pictures and ting. I felt like a front line H.O. People stopping me to pose for pictures with them... really they wanted to pose with Karabana, but Barrie people are polite, so they took my picture too.
And the best thing is the parade ends right at Centennial park (the beach). Next year I walking with my towel for sure. Beautiful place, yuh limin on the beach, soca blasted, yuh smelling fry fish and curry and jerk and people just chillin.

This is my first trip to Barrie (a cool 45 minute drive from home). Barrie is a very nice place and I felt really welcome. Especially, the police were real cool, we are in the middle of the people downtown, they set up an area in the park with lots of vendors and food and a stage. They had a big beer tent and live bands are scheduled to perform until 10'oclock at night. It was a really nice atmosphere.
Do you think they let us party on the Lakeshore at 10pm in Toronto?..... I think not.

All I could say is, we have to support this event, the more masqueraders who make the trip, the better it will get. I'm not missing it next year at all.

I like fried fish a lot

Actually, I never realized that Barrie was so close and so nice, I'm thinking next time we are planning a beach lime, we will head to Barrie to take a swim and chill on a beach.

Till next time laters.


buublenut said...

like you really putting that costume to good use :)

My brother lives in Barrie and guess what - he has trini friends lol

The beach up there real nice. So if I hit Toronto next year I got to checdule my ticket accordingly....

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I know we could count on you for a comment. All we need now is a carnival in Oshawa, and we will be able to play mas every weekend for a month straight. So how is work and planning?

buublenut said...

Work is good - I still have time to visit the bloggs :)

Planning is coming along again but Carnival keeps coming in the way hahahaha.

Well you did have kiddies carnival so that was 4 ;)

HQ said...

I am soooo unbelievably jealous right now....3 carnivals!!! You go guys!!! Ugh- you know I would have been there!!!

Yobachi said...

Karabana, your body is def!

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