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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bodacious Brazil

Is this a Toronto Revellers costume, or could it be a Fantazia International creation?

Take it easy, it's neither!
With the two bands presenting a Brazilian theme this year, this made me think about Carnaval costumes (where the above Viviane Castro picture is from of course). The most obvious styles that come to mind are the modern designs where Samba dancers sport thongs or go topless. This year Brazilian model Dani Sperle's samba outfit broke a record with her 1.2 inch g cloth (groin). I wonder if she paid for that "outfit", or if they paid her! If you're a tad more modest and want more coverage, there's always the the c-thong.
James Martin photos - San Francisco Carnival What really completes your costume consisting of a c-thong & wire cage bra, is a mirror! So what do you think, is Caribana ready for the c-thong? Bodacious Brazilian bodies can carry off such nearly nude displays, but for the rest of us who weren't blessed with such generous genes, no worries, Rio isn't all about nudity. There's such a wide range of Rio Carnaval costumes with many bands going the traditional route and covering masqueraders in spectacular animal or unworldly creations. Geocities photos

With the first band launch coming up on Saturday (Fantazia International's A Taste of Brasil!), I'll be quite curious to see how Brazil is going to be portrayed for us!
Dani Sperle, 2008, considerably more covered


CaribanaVirgin said...

I think you'll have one or two designers that attempt to be a little risky, but I don't anticipate anything nearly as riske as Brazil Carnaval.

I think Toronto Revellers may approach the theme more representing the locale in terms of traditions, possibly animals, and have a few "carnaval" type costumes but nothing overly skimpy. They try to achieve sexy costumes without being too nude. If it were Carnival Nationz on the other hand, we could expect ALOT more skimpiness. But who knows Revellers may surprise me!

HQ said...

LOL...I definitely don't think Caribana is ready for nudity or a c-thong...I know I'm not ready to see Caribana in them! LOLOL

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