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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Louis Tribute to Harold Saldenah

LOVE love love the Tembu Warriors headpiece!!!

Sensational City of Gold frontline
Glory of Greece 
Fantasy in Jewels
Psychedelic Latin America 1969

Mexico 1519-1521
Pacific Paradise

Masquerade to Carnival
Crees of Canada

Saldenah's website is now updated with female costume prices ($155) and online registration.


Tiff said...

'Sensational City of Gold' & 'Crees Canada' are great!
I love the native theme (reminds me of something I saw in Trinidad Carnival pix)
Overall, the costumes have a lot of detail and are outstanding.
But why is the website not up? A note to any mas camp leaders reading this blog: Thank websites like TorontoLime & blogs like Kara's because potential customers have to wait too long to actually see the costumes/prices...

kay said...

I agree with Tiff, If u have a website it should be updated and running. Saldenah... Luv It! I already have my costume because I dont like to wait. If I was a last minute person I would probably play mas wit dem. I love the Tribute theme!The best of the bunch is City of Gold.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Wow Kay, you see how things have changed in Caribana.....now launching on May 31st is considered last minute. I'm not arguing with you or anything like that. I'm just thinking that it is odd that the band that has the #1 spot in the parade hasn't even launched yet, but because of all the hype that is created by early band launches and the fear of not getting the costume of your choice,I think a majority of masqueraders have already decided who they are playing with. Its only June 6th. Is it good or bad? I really don't know.

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