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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Old Hollywood - new idea?

With Tribal Knights sneak peek of their presentation Hollywood Glitz and Glamour in 2 weeks, it has me wondering what design direction they'll take. I can easily picture glamorous old Hollywood translated into costumes. Of course things like feather boas, sequins, & long satin gloves would be no brainers, as would a white costume in honour of Marilyn Munroe's famous subway grate dress. But there are so many Hollywood movies & musicals that produced outstanding costume designs to draw inspiration from.

What modern day Hollywood costumes can you see?
Va-va-voom Dita Von Tesse
Corset, stockings, jewels

Maybe we'll see vampy trampy black lingerie a la the movie Nine?

Oh, what do you think of this Folies Bergere (from Nine) costume? Very carnival-y.

Or since fringe works so well for carnival, the Kate Hudson (also Nine) golden flappers outfit...

& speaking of flappers, wouldn't this outfit make a great costume with the pearls & single feather hat?

...oh & the gangster look for the guys. (lol)

I figure inspiration will come from so many Hollywood musicals, and not so much the last 10-20 year hits (like Grease or Flashdance), but the way-back-in-the-day classics.

Satiny one piece & jacket with top hats from A Chorus Line

There just has to be a tribute to Liza Minelli in Cabaret

What didn't Folies Bergere have? Cats, ballerinas, showgirls...

Um, probably not!

How fabulous is this Zigfield Follies butterfly!

As for a Queen, can't you just see a ruby red Audrey Hepburn gown?

Such a starlet look complete with the cape like wings (Ginger Rogers)

Go big - big dress, big hat as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind

As well, does anyone else think of the old Hollywood pin up girl style converted as costumes?

How fun would this famous fuzzy Jayne Mansfield number be?

Ginger Rogers wearing the same top, popular look, hah. I really like the shoes.

So '50's, the polka dot bikini, & the bottoms, how cute

Ava Gardner striped one piece

As for headpieces, want different? Think Cleopatra

Or a jeweled Moulin Rouge "crown"

dripping in diamonds

Vintage 1950's feathered hats

If creativity is used, not to mention a variety of materials, this theme could be a big wow. Are you anxious to see the glitz and glamour?


Anonymous said...

Karabana, as you said, "if creativity is used, not to mention a variety of materials, this theme could be a big wow." But to be honest, it's all been done before so I'm not really that excited. Nothing against Tribal Knights whatsoever, but this theme screams feathers, beading and big headpieces...big deal...that's easy to do.
I'm interested to see what Toronto Reveller's Disco theme looks like. It could go one of 2 ways...wow or cheesy. And I'm really interested to see what CNZ's presentation looks like. A Tribute to Sparrow? I can't imagine how they could pull that off unless they are using his calypsos as themes...but still...this I have to see.
I'm getting tired of the birds, animals, Africa, desert and showgirls mas. IMHO band leaders need to get more creative in their themes.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting how they make all these promises, saying they learned from their experience. I'm probably going to stay away from them unless I find a costume that I really like, but then I'll have to ask myself, is it worth risking not getting my full costume like last year?

marcia said...

Tribalknights is a fairly young band i take them at their word that they have learned from their mistakes(they acknowledge mistakes were made and have taken steps too not repeat them) not like other bands who for years have done worse and simply don't acknowledge masquerders complaints i'm keeping an open mind.i can't wait to see the teaser this weekend

Anonymous said...

I'm as excited to see the costumes to, and I really hope they do keep their word. I really wonder what they are going to pull, their costumes were impressive last year, that's for sure. That's why I'm keeping the possibility of playing with them again open. Just a bit apprehensive this time.

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