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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sexy Marajhin

Not being familiar with the Mighty Sparrow, I didn't think much of the theme, and wondered how Carnival Nationz would portray the legendary Calypsonian. But Hubby (Trini-in-Toronto) knows older Calypso, and he informed me about Sparrow's most popular tunes.

Then I was told by a designer in January that his Sexy Marajhin costume will have a strong resemblance to very formal East Indian bridal wear only sexier... colors are red and gold with lots of rhinestones in keeping with Indian bridal jewelery. So when I imagine this, I think of gorgeous bridal saris like the one pictured. Plenty of gold accents, and overall, rich & vibrant.

I'm going to guess we'll see a Latin siren in Margarita, perhaps head ties and colourful fabric for Melda (Obeah Wedding), a pretty Jane, an evil Witch Doctor, and Jean and Dinah prostitutes.
And for the fellas, they can be a Congo Man, Lizard, & cricketer Sir Garfield Sobers - not to be confused with Drunk and Disorderly winers & wavers.

Or, an entirely different direction will be taken!! Wouldn't be the 1st time (this season). We'll see soon enough on Saturday at the CNz launch...


llleeesssaaa said...

I'm excited for their launch, I was thinking the same thing you were, I was unsure as to how they would pull it off. But after this entry, I'm excited to see what they do.

Unknown said...

Karabana, that's fantastic! Thank you for brainstorming about this. My friends and I who are die-hard CNzers, have been trying to figure out how they would portray this theme. Your ideas make total sense! OMG! I can't wait until Saturday to see what they've done. I have to admit, now that you've put these notions in my head, I'm going to be crazy disappointed if they don't come to fruition! LOL! I soooo want to be a prostitute in Jean & Dinah!! Hopefully Bryce et al have used their imagination and have run with the theme. So much can be done with it. Let's see what happens on Saturday. You will definitely be hearing from me afterwards...good, bad or indifferent.

Tarz said...

From what I have heard CNz is not just focusing on the quality of their mas presentation which is always top notch but putting a lot of changes in place to make this year better than ever for masqueraders. I love to hear that they are committed to making us, their loyal players, have the best possible road experience. Oh and a sexy costume that is unique and stays in tact with all the palancing also helps. I wore my Water Lily costume last year a total of 4 times (Caribana Day, Ontario Place Lime, Barrie and Miami) and its still fully in tact - props to Jeannine and Bryce they never diappoint!

Cant wait for Saturday!!! I want to see BIG fancy headpieces and vibrant colour. Go Big or Go Home. As a makeup artist I love to have fun with the colours and themes and incorporate it into my parade day makeup!

Only 3 more sleeps...

Partyanimal said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS "I CAN'T WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!" I am also a die hard CNz mas player.

Karabana said...

Lisa, lol, so do you still soooo want to be a prostitute in Jean & Dinah??

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