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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Connections - Colours in Motion band launch

Aura of Envy
Aura of Vanity
Aura of Romance
Aura of Pride

Aura of Healing
Aura of Freedom

Aura of Desire
Aura of Happiness

Aura of Challenge

Connections presented their Colours in Motion last night at Viva City, and we were treated to very solid, pretty costumes.
I really love Aura of Envy! The entire costume- waistband, bra & that unique headpiece are so well designed, with those standout green rhinestones. Talk about green with envy!
Aura of Desire and Aura of Pride also really stand out for me, very beautiful. I like the Aura of Happiness headpiece & bra, great colours. Aura of Vanity's side feathered backline headpiece is a nice twist!
Connections is now a A band, but costumes are a very reasonable $145 all inclusive. Great show Mervyn!


Anonymous said...

Finally a band that isnt charging more for less. The price alone will draw people who dont wanna pay the $170 and up that most bands are charging.

Christina said...

Many bands charge $170 and up because the quality of work is worth the price....the price of good quality and quantity of material makes the price of a costume more expensive.

Masqueraders in Toronto complain about the price but go to Trinidad and pay twice and sometimes 3 times as much. I agree that Trinidad is two days but quality for quality the costumes are on par with Trinidad and it costs money to bring the quality.

mass#1fan said...

Nice costumes.... BTW have you guys seen what CNZ has done to the costume... Salfish...sexy marajin and Royal jail have all taken an upgrade :)

Check them out.

Karabana said...

I can see good quality in many bands, the same good quality & materials whether the charge is $145 or $170.
You pay $600+ in T'dad bc if you're with an all inclusive band you get endless (often premium) liquor, meals, AC rest busses, port-a-potties, etc, etc, not to mention so many more music trucks for 2 days.
You're not just paying for a costume when you play mas anywhere - mas bands expenses also include rent, trucks, advertising, launches. But the point is some can still manage top quality costumes & not increase their prices every year.

Yes, CNz added a waistband to Royal Jail, Saltfish has blue feathers & jewels, and Sexy Marajhin has headpiece changes.

Susan said...

In addition to this topic about price, Connections is offering a student discount. Not sure how much exactly. But as a student, I really appreciate the fact that they take into account all the students that may not be able to afford the higher priced costumes. :)

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