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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

and then there was Barrie...

Barrie's 5th Caribfest was a nice finish to our carnival season. Several bands represented, with Saldenah and Carnival Nationz masqueraders in particular who came out in good numbers to get their las lap. Most bands had very few masqueraders, not sure why (??). Fortunately, since there was no more judging & need for security, we all one, so many felt free to jump from band to band. Another BIG reason I love playing mas at Caribfest so much.

The route changed this year, we weren't parading through the side streets and then downtown, they kept us to the Lakeshore... hmmmm, familiar?!? How did you feel about that? It felt about the same distance, I don't know if that's bc at times there was no movement.

It was also better to get back to not charging admission into the park. The food & shopping vendors were out in full force again, which is fantastic, I love to see that. There were complaints last year of garbage, and I saw organizer Ricardo picking up litter in the park this year, so he really was on it!
So great meeting up with so many familiar faces!

I want to say thank you to all the readers who check out the blog, take the time to comment, and come and say hi at all the events. I've really enjoyed meeting so many of you fabulous carnival divas and divos this season!
It started to drizzle at @2, but the light rain didn't kill the vibe, in fact, because it was our last jump up, it felt like people took that as a cue to get on bad! After some jerk chicken, we took in a bit of the performance in the park. I spotted lightening at 7:00 so we made a run for it, and then the downpour came during the show, which put an end to it for us.I'm putting together a slide show of our 2011 carnival pics to display on the blog (we have soooo many more than what we've posted!) Helps to get through the dull 7 months without Caribana when we're on hiatus.

If you'd like to include your own photos, email them to me at karabana01@yahoo.ca.


Anonymous said...

and now the tabanca sets in til miami

CarnivalVincy said...

After puting on a carnival costume for 3 Saturdays in a row, I find myself asking, What's going on this weekend? *Sigh*

Karabana said...

I know, Westfete should be happening on the 20th. My friend ~V~ told me that she saw a fete advertising to wear your costume, lol.

Anonymous said...

Barrie was a lot more fun than I thought it would have been, I'm definitely doing it again.

Lesley said...

Hey. What a great summer I had. After alot of changes for Caribana season which I was not pleased about but hopefully they took some notes and make next year better. Yes this year was the year of changes. 1) Changes of name. 2) the add-on of the "unnecssary" loop 3) the No show mas bands for Hamilton 4)late start and change route of Barrie. think there is a few more but can't put my fingers on it now. But out of all the negative things, I had a great time with my friends and family.

I love my costume for this year too, one of my favorite and will contiune to play with Toronto Revellers for years to come. I hope that go for you n hubby too. And it always great to see to you.
Until next year.

Karabana said...

Yes, Barrie's a blast!, more masqueraders should know about it & go. :) This year was weird, that's for sure, with not many big bands as in the past invited to Hamilton. :( The confusion w the CNE circle, very late order announcement, which I'm NOT supportive of...
Yes, I'd also play with Revellers again Lesley. Our Wicked costumes was one of my favs too. :) I was disappointed with the low turn out of Revellers masqueraders in Barrie though.
Lucky those going to Miami, we're not :(, we're invited by relatives to go for Christmas. :)

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