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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What's up with Hamilton Mardis Gras 2011?

So, I'm hearing grumblings about Hamilton Carnival again. I saw a post on Revellers facebook wall saying:
Revellers... Many of the large bands were not invited to participate in the Hamilton Carrnival 2011. The Toronto Revellers is one of them. The Toronto Revellers always enjoys their time in Hamilton, we encourage all of our Revellers to support
I know last year there were some disputes over money, as well, certain advertised artists didn't show. I've heard  from 3 band contacts saying that as of now, they aren't going. Hopefully this is some kinda negotiation technique. I'd hate to see the Toronto bands not attend the festival.  
So if anybody knows what's up and want to buss some files or just enlighten the rest of us, please go ahead.  (The anonymous comments are enabled, just keep it clean and free from slander, and we will post them.)
People making plans for the weekend, and they want to know what's happening!


yeayeabe said...

I hope Hamilton is a go, such a great family friendly lime!!!

Lesley said...

Hey, did you got the memo that Revellers are NOT invited to Hamilton from our section leader.
So what I'm just to supposed to look from the sideline?? :S This is getting sooo frustrated and confusing.
To bring my costume or not to bring it? And wait another week for Barrie. WTH...what is the REAL story for this reason.

And it was great seeing on the road!

Karabana said...

The bands that are going as of now are Tribal Knights, Black Sage, Carnival Nationz, and Fantazia. I was told there is also a 5th band...

Anonymous said...

I think that regardless if your band is coming or not, just go in your costume and jump up in another band. That's what I'm doing cause my band won't be there either.

Anonymous said...

I think people misunderstand. Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie are three carnivals. The organizers invite bands. There is money exchanged but not anything to talk about.

There may be rules from the city, capicity for their street, time on the road etc. but if a band is not asked to attend...they shouldnt just appear... I think we should support all of the smaller carnivals in costume or not... I dont see the confusion- I think people assumed all bands are automatically invited, each year will change only the carnival organizers can make the overall call. Not the bands.

Dispapponted my band will not be there, but I will definitely support the community events

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Annon 6:40pm
I take this to mean that your band may not be sending music trucks up to Hamilton, but anybody with a costume has always been welcome to walk with their costume and jump up right?

Anonymous said...

Yes exactly, at least that's what I heard. I'll find out if it's true this weekend. But I know it's been done before.

Karabana said...

We're going to Hamilton (minus our band :(), can't miss it!! Come Lesley, us Wicked witches must represent!
See you all there!

Anonymous said...

There was/is a lot of talk about bands going to Hamilton Carnival. Please be advised that only four (4) bands were invited. The reason I don't know, all I know is that our band was not invited or even asked to participate. Those officially invited and was paid a down payment were (1) Carnival Nationz (2) Fantazia (3) Mas Toronto and (3) Black Sage. Tribal Knights went on their own accord. I hope that clarifies who went, who was asked etc. also hopefully any misconception about bands who didn't go.

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