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Monday, August 04, 2014

2014 Parade pics part 1 before the rant

Right now, I'm a little too focused on all of the stuff that went wrong in yesterdays parade. In the meantime, here are some of our road shots. There is much happiness in the shots, so some stuff did go well. And some stuff went a little too well, like all of the bands passed the main spectator point in the EX very early in the afternoon. So early, that spectators were still paying for entrance and arriving at their $100 cabanas spots only to be told that we started on time and they missed the show. So, organizers asked Saldenah to divert some of his masqueraders back into the Ex to make a second pass..... But, we'll leave the commentary for part 2 





Unknown said...

I'm so looking forward to your part 2 rant because my friends and I can't be the only people that weren't satisfied with Saturdays parade.

Unknown said...

Can't wait for your part 2 as well. I am filled with mixed emotions and completely confused as to how this ended up being such a disaster. Any word on the judging outcome? I'm sure with all the mess that is also on hold

Kryssy said...

Kara... You. Better. WERK!!!!! Yes ma'am!!!!!
Ok. I have to say I enjoyed the parade up until 1/4-mile before judging and actual judging. I don't thibk I've ever cursed so much at strangers in my LIFE. But I'm waiting to see your rant to give my full 2-cents. LOLOL

KevCanada said...

I played Mas with Saldenah this year. As usual, I was very satisfied with my band's organization and planning. It was the Scotibank Carnival Orginizers who failed me on Carnival Saturday. Too many blasted stormers on the route... Why was the second judging point so far down the road??... the detour back into the CNE was bizarre and I missed out on playing mas down the entire Lakeshore route. This was my most lack lustre mas experience so far and I am frustrated because the solutions these problems to me seem so easy to fix. I'll play mas again next year, but maybe I just need to lower my expectations (how sad).

Sarah Walker said...

Also looking forward to your Part 2. We need to get a hold of whose fault this one, and make sure next year they don't let this happen again!

Karabana said...

This is Trini-in-Toronto's post actually, he wrote it and these are his (wonderful) pics - but oh I've got my own rant coming...

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