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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Want to crash Toronto Carnival?


KevCanada said...

Great video. Thanks, Kara. I have detailed my Caribana experiences on your blog for the past few years, describing stormers who have ruined my 'mas. It has almost come to the point where the expense of travel to Toronto, Hotel costs, and the cost of my costume is not worth the hassle of disrespectful stormers. What a shame!

I do not believe that the Caribana parade in its present form will survive, unless changes are made. The chaos, and disorganization created by these stormers will erode the confidence sponsors have in supporting the festival, and the parade. How many more injuries, deaths and amputations involving unruly stormers need to occur before ScotiaBank pulls out its funding for public image and liability reasons?


JeanneC said...

*Excellent* video, Kara. The photos of how the stormers outnumbered the paraders was very telling. How do we get the stormers to understand their behaviour is not acceptable, now that they think it is acceptable?

Unknown said...

See allyuh on the road :D

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