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Friday, June 10, 2016


Over the years many ladies have told me they admire the carnival costumes, but they attend only as a spectator or just go the fetes. When I ask them if they'll play mas, they say "Oh no, not me!" and how they don't have the "right" body type, and can't wear such a "skimpy" costume in the parade.

I will always remember how poised and elegant this model was on stage at the Tribal Carnival launch. She presented this pretty costume in the classiest way I've ever seen.

Enter Nadelle SocaP and #everyBODYplayahmas, a project has been working on for the past couple years. #everyBODYplayahmas aims to have all sizes and shapes represented in carnival. 

Nadelle loves playing mas and celebrating Caribbean culture, but she says "I would often hear women say they would not participate because they felt they needed to be a certain size."

For the past two years she has organized groups to play mas. In 2014 Nadelle organized the Miss Canada Plus pageant participants to register with Saldenah, and last year she organized 30 plus size models from Toronto, the US and the Caribbean to play with the Toronto Revellers. 

"This year I felt their should be diversity reflected from the band launches. I emailed all band leaders for this years carnival, some were on board right away and some denied the request."


  Toronto Revellers

Atlantic Mas

"My goal for this campaign is to be a body positive movement that showcases confidence, and give other women that drive they need to not hold back" says Nadelle. 

Nadelle has been playing in Toronto (with Saldenah, and Toronto Revellers twice) for the past 12 years and she's also played in Trinidad 8 times. In Trinidad she has played with Tribe and Yuma. 
This year she's working with a band in Miami and also working on something for Jamaica Carnival in 2017. 


I love this campaign and know that it will just continue to gain momentum, because every woman, whatever size, should feel free to be herself, enjoying life to the fullest!

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