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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Atlantic Mas Toronto band launch 2017 - The Origins of Carnival

Atlantic Mas held their presentation The Origins of Carnival at a new venue for a band launch, Ada Slaight Hall in the Regent Park area. I enjoyed the vibes at this location and with the decent sized, not packed, crowd. 

The Queen of Bacchanal herself Destra began the show at 1:00 with her hit tune Lucy. 

Then the models from first section started to walk on the stage, and it was a bit confusing as to who to watch! 

Here the crowd is cheering for Destra, who stepped aside for the models.  

She then moved to the back of the stage so the models could pose. 


After the second section, Destra returned to the front and told the crowd she's not used to sharing the stage with anyone else, and she was confused with what was going on, so she left to leave the models to it and said she'd be back. I was expecting Destra to perform before or after the costumes were shown, but thought when it started, alright, this could be fun. (Like the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show) I guess not. After that hiccup that looks like it wasn't rehearsed with her (?), the remaining sections continued. The sections were named after world carnivals. 




Mardi Gras




My favourite section. Now this is designing your trio of country colours in a pleasing & appealing way. From the very basic waistband in all, attractive bra in the backline to the feathers in the midline, then those stand out leg pieces & headpiece in the frontline; Jamaica wasn't overdone, it was fabulous.  


Puerto Rico



This frontline was my other favourite. Everything about it is soft & pretty. Head to toe, it's cute, with that minimal feathered crowned headpiece, and finished off with those ankle pieces. I'd also add a smaller version of them at the wrists too. 



raesha said...

The most remarkable costumes in this bandlaunch got very little attention.
Check out the males who escorted the models on stage. They were wearing matching shorts, tanks, hats and masks with logo.
This is directly appealing to stormers. It is a popular look and for $200-250, these fellows can be part of the action.

Karabana said...

Hmmm, I did wonder if those were just guys on the crew. Truthfully, I can't see it. Guys who play mas want to play in a costume. Guys who storm don't wanna pay, they have a different mentality, are anti-costume, and they wouldn't pay certainly $200+ to wear beach duds.

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