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Saturday, March 24, 2018

EPIC Carnival band launch - Epic Fantasy

EPIC Carnival (formerly Durham Mas), put on a great launch tonight at midnight, also at Chandni Hall. From the first section to the last, the costumes had nice colour combos, fun features and beautiful, bold elements. The trend was for most costumes to have high garter belts, certainly accentuating the assets. 

Just as I was about to comment to a fellow photographer that fortunately SKF hadn't told us to respect the mas, he started in on it when there was a delay. Sigh. I had hoped this broken record wouldn't be repeated again this season. Surely MCs can find more things to comment on than telling the crowd who plays mas, to buy costumes. Steups. I'd hate for us mas supporters to have to go through this for Seven. More. Launches! 

Anyhow, job well done designers, and models, who wore the creations wonderfully.  The finale wrapped up at 1:15. 


Easily my favourite bra. More than just a wire bra, the beautiful jeweled details really make it a work of mas art. Absolutely love it. 

Best guys costumes. 


Another well designed bra. 

Diamond Dust

Such a pretty costume overall, although she had trouble with the headpiece. White done right! 

Blazing Phoenix

I like the velvet used in these suits. 

The Night's Watch

Guardian of the Glacier

Beautiful blue velvet costumes. 

Mas on De Moon


My favourite feathers. Simple, yet wow. 

Rebel Unicorn

Fun fringed waistband. 

I also really like the shoulder necklaces. 

My favourite headpiece. 

Myths of the Sea


Kryssy said...

Welcome to the rebranded Durham ... now Epic!
The only negative thing I have to say about this launch has to do with the stage itself. It's something I've said years prior... When the launches are held at locations with white walls, a black curtain at stage rear works wonders. It sounds backwards, considering the professional photo shoots are done in front of white backgrounds normally; but that's just my opinion from watching the videos and seeing pics across blogs/social media.

-Khutulun: I agree with you; the bra on this section is beautiful. Coincidentally, my first year returning to play mas in Caribana as an adult, the colors of the section were the same as this one; minus the blue. I hated it then, but love the color combo now; thanks to this section. Noticed the use of mostly models of Asian decent in this section; and really liked that nod to the section theme.

-Valhalla: One word - BEAUTIFUL. The backpack and headpiece combo on the Frontline costume is gorgeous. And the gold bodywear is really stunning. On the section leader's IG, I saw a video of the models before they got onstage; and their costumes were sparkling and shining... It made me fall in love with this section. It is very much a rare 'more is enough' moment for me. And yes... I agree; really great bras. ;)

- Diamond Dust: I especially love the jeweled section of the bodywear on the Ultra frontline and I like how the headpiece is designed... really unique.

- Dracarus: I think this is my favorite section of this launch. Another perfect example of less is more. And can I just commend whomever styled this section? The long ponytail and the makeup were perfect additions to "sell" the looks.

- Rebel Unicorn - agree with you on the headpiece. The Mohawk has grown on me but dang it I cant keep it on my head. LOL

And I must shout out my fave gal Raesha and her epic split in the middle for Myths of the Sea. I STAN for her! LOL

I really like that Epic had so many different (and new) body wear options. Very progressive and forward-thinking!

Karabana said...

Welcome back to another season Kryssy! It started off so strong right?

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