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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Big Welcome to my Guest Blogger, Trini-in-Toronto (Hubby) who because I'm quite busy with my practicum, will be blogging about the first big Caribana band launch, Callaloo!
(Have to explain the first two pics below. They were playing a Trini Carnival video, featuring a lot of Tribe, real nice to see, & lo & behold, who do we see but Kevian in Jab Jab! Then the screen froze for at least 1 minute, so we clicked a shot. Funny too, bceause we were thinking of you Kevian, so nice to see ya!)

Alright, Karabana has granted me this small space to say a few words about our experience at Callaloos' band launch. Well, it never seems to be a colder night than when you are lining up outside a club waiting for security to let you inside. The wait wasn't overly long, but it was pretty windy.
I must send out a big thank you to Courtney for his assistance and information regarding the band launch.

So the lime was Me, Karabana and Buublenut. We met at our house for drinks and then went over to Sin City. Its my first time at this club and it won't be the last, as we are hitting Soca or Die next week and we will try to hit Saldenah's launch also. (if we can't reach the lauch we will visit the mas camp to get some pics for the people ) This place must be under new management, since I hadn't really heard of West Indian promoters using them so much in the past. Speaking of Soca or die, we have a couple extra tickets if anyone needs them, you could drop us a line.

On to the launch...

You all have to forgive me, I am new to this roving reporter business, and nobody walked with a notepad, so we don't know the sections names, but we took plenty pictures and if you all see something you think you will look sexy in, you can go to http://callaloo.net/ and get all the info I'm sure it will be updated soon.
This is Callaloo's 10th anniversary, & I remember when they first went out on their own. Now, the impression that I first got from them, was that they had costumes that were designed by women for women. They were one of the first bands to provide good fitting, attractive bras for their masqueraders. I remember they came out with those strapless bras with the see through plastic straps.
Now this doesn't sound like a big deal now, because everyone is doing it now, but when they started, alot of the other bands in Toronto were still providing these flimsy imitation sport bras that were pretty crappy. This is what I know about Callaloo... you can go to their site for the rest of the story....

I like this green costume, I never play in green before and I find this color looks nice in the hot sun

Ok, Please don't make fun of my cloudy shots, we accepting donations if you want to give us a better camera to use. This is burgandy and it looks really nice, but the shot didn't really do it justice. Plenty plumes for the front line HOs.

You can't really make out the headpeice in this shot, due to the contrast, but it look good in person
check out the boots this costume is really taking after Imp!
See, we have intricate beadwork and ting, right here in T.O.

You say you liked the previous one, but you need some more feathers...
Here is one of the only two male costumes modeled. I'm sure there are male costumes available in every section, but really, carnival is about woman ....ENT?


I've also never played in a primarily purple costume. I wouldn't mind trying that

They have here various options to choose to fit every body type

OK folks, thats the end of our pictures. I'm not really into fashion and can't come up with insightful comments on costume design, I'll leave this to the experts. I find the costumes looked attractive, and the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.... I mean to really enjoy yourself at Caribana, you need to get yourself a costume and play mas.
My job is not to tell you who to play with, but just to enourage you to come out and play.
Now, lanuches and fetes are going to be coming fast and furious from here on in, so, we will try and hit as many mas camps as we can and share info on all the other caribana events that will be coming up.
So go to a band launch, jump up in a fete, check out a pan yard, take in the culture and enjoy our festival.
Allyuh please leave some comments, otherwize Karabana won't let me write anything again. And if you all (especially the visitors) have any questions, please ask and I will do my best to help you out.
Until next time


Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

At band launches here in Trinidad what the bigger bands do is give you a booklet or some sort of publication with costume photos as well as section names, hence the reason I can then put it on the blog... no walking with notepad LOL.

TRIBE had a booklet, Island People used a Calender, Pulse 8 did a nice cocktail recipe booklet, Dream Team and Trevor Wallace provided a "press kit", with Treover Wallace even including a CD with costume pics and sketches from Wayne Berkeley, overall the best package I got from all the launches! I also got a CD from one of the special sections from Trini Revellers as well as little brochures. :D

Maybe the TO bands will adopt something similar which will make your "job" a little easier!

Trini Orisha Gyal said...

Thanks for the updated and Pics Trini-in-Toronto and Karibana. :)

Good looking out. I have not been to Caribana in a few years, but this blog and your writings have for sure piqued my interest.

Keep us posted!

Trini Orisha Gyal (TOG)

JayJayGhatt said...

excellent review! bravo! i must link you now to my blog, once i learn how to do that and not know over my other links. (doh!)

i like the launch, the models, looked like a fun time.

wow! Saucy, all that PR. I'm impressed and loving it. Never know.

buublenut said...

Good Job Trini-In-TO. Its not your fault about the section names - remember the mic stopped working LOL - they never told us the section names haha.

Looking forward to hitting up the mas camps with you guys as well as the upcoming fetes and most of all the road (TO and Hamilton!!!)

Enjoy Soca or Die - that is going to be a fete!!!

Karabana said...

Hey All!!! TOG, you must come 4 Caribana, you will have a time!!!
Yeah, TO bands aren't as organized as all that Saucyd, programs & booklets, that'd be nice, but well, baby steps... hee hee.
Christina, SoD was maybe 3° "warmer" than last w/e. Hope you're taking lots of beach time 4 me! It's 16 now!

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