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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


In this post I want to let you all know about some of the official caribana events that will be taking place during the festival.
I got most of this from the official Caribana 2007 website http://www.caribanafestival.com/
The first event is the Caribana IMAGINE Music Festival This taking place on August 5th at Ontario Place. This is a really nice venue right down on Lake Ontario and really visitors should check it out.

Destra can be magnificent live. I saw her several times for carnival 2007 and loved watching her perform. I still have images of the Dutty wine on all fours :p

I don’t know Ne-Yo, I guess I will look on Limewire and see if I can’t educate myself

I real like Sean Paul and own a couple CDs, but I think his music, similar to Rap artists, sound really good on studio produced tracks but don’t really come across that well live. I’m sure that’s just me showing my age, those who like it will love it.

Caribana celebrates its 40th anniversary with the Imagine Music Festival. Join superstar performer Grammy Award-nominated R&B and pop singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, Grammy award winner Sean Paul, Soca Queen Destra Garcia, as they all perform together on ONE stage! Purchase your tickets by June 17th before midnight EST for your chance to win 2 backstage passes for the IMAGINE Concert.

The next big concert is Machel at Lamport Stadium on Saturday May 4th.

Machel….Nuff Said

Name: Machel Montano After Parade Bash

Location: Lamport StadiumDate: Saturday August 4, 2007

Description: de JUMBE mash up TnT…flatten NY…and now coming to Toronto. Join Machel Montano a host of other artists for a Caribana after Parade Bash at Lamport Stadium. Name: Official LaunchLocation: Nathan Phillips SquareDate: Tuesday July 10, 2007 Description: The official ceremony launches the activities for the Caribana Festival Season. Patrons can meet and mingle with federal, provincial and municipal officials, Caribana Representatives and Sponsors while sampling Caribbean and International cuisine. It is a snapshot of what’s in store over the next two weeks.

If you are in town, you should certainly check out the junior parade, the little kids are really cute. Just please make sure your older offspring are doing a nice age appropriate social wine. We don’t like to see them pelting waist and bringing scandal to your name.

Name: Junior Carnival

Location: Yorkgate MallDate: Saturday July 21, 2007

Description:Junior Carnival provides festival goers and the surrounding community the opportunity to experience the trills and joys as young masqueraders participate in their earlier festival years.

This is a new initiative that is coming out for the 40th anniversary, I’m looking forward to checking it out
Name: Theatre Activity/Cultural Singing/Dance Drumming

Location: Albert Campbell SquareDate: Sunday July 22, 2007

Description: This event will highlight the various cultures of all of the Caribbean people. It will include a food competition, Theatrical drama and story telling. The event will be held in Scarborough

This is also a new thing and I haven’t made it down to our trendy distillery district, so we will check it out also
Name: Art Exhibition

Location: Distillery

DistrictDate: Tuesday July 24, 2007 - Monday August 6, 2007

Description:A visual Art Exhibition “COLOURblind! International” produced by “The Association of African Canadian Artists” - over 60 original paintings and sculptures that have been influenced by the diversity of a people -

Name: Calypso Monarch Finals

Location: Toronto Centre for the Arts

Date: Saturday July 28, 2007 Description: This is where the Calypso Monarch is crowned. Come and see the best and biggest Canadian Calypsonians battle for the crown. From the topical to the lyrical the sweet soca rhythms will lift you out of you seat and get you moving.

Caribana Village Location: Ontario Place

Date:August 1 - August 6 , 2007

Description: As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Caribana and 200 years of the abolition of the African Slave trade, Caribana Village will highlight our liberation through song, music, dance, drama and comedy. Vendors of food, craft, clothing and art will add to the island vibe ambiance generating delectable aroma and vibrant colours to warm up Lake Ontario throughout the 5 day event.

Name: King & Queen

Location: Lamport Stadium

Date: Thursday August 2, 2007

Description: On the Thursday night before Caribana Day all the kings and queens of the bands meet to do battle. Like peacocks they will primp and preen, eliciting oh and ahs from the audience. It is an honour for any reveller to be enthroned the king or queen of his or her band. The kings and queens symbolically have the keys to the city, freedom of the streets. Their movements are supposed to be uninhibited. Band members and onlookers alike are to give them the respect, even if mockingly, usually accorded to real-life royalty."

This is a great event, and its over early enough to hit a fete after. Also for any of you people with kids, Pan alive is a kid friendly event

Name: Pan Alive

Location: Lamport StadiumDate: Friday August 3, 2007

Description: A thrilling evening showcasing the musical and tonal qualities of the steelpan as members of the Ontario Steelband Association compete before a panel of judges. This panorama of the North is the best opportunity to hear this wonderful instrument in all its glory. Devoted entirely to the capturing rhythms of the steelpan.

Name: Caribana Ball

Location: The Fairmont Royal York

Date: Friday August 3, 2007

Description: An evening of style, glamour and pomp, celebrating Caribana 40th anniversary.

Name: Parade

Location: Exhibition

PlaceDate: Saturday August 4, 2007

Description: This showcase events features an incredible display of colours and pageantry along a 3.6 kilometre parade route on Lakeshore Boulevard.

Order of the bands in the parade

-- Band Name -- Bandleader -- 2007 Presentation

1 -- Mas Toronto -- Errol Achue -- "PETIT MONDE"

2 -- Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club -- Louis Saldenah -- "THE RAINFOREST"

3 -- Toronto Revellers -- Jamaal Magloire -- "VIVA LAS VEGAS"

4 -- Carnival Nationz -- Curtis Eustace -- "BIG TOP"

5 -- The Calabash Company -- Jessie Matthews -- "THE RHYTHM OF LIFE"

6 -- Arnold Hughes & Assoc. -- Arnold Hughes -- "A QUEST FOR GOLD"

7 -- Callaloo -- Marlon Singh -- "THE CONQUEST OF ALEXANDER"

8 -- Toronto Caribbean Connection -- Mervyn Skeete -- "FUSION"

9 -- Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club -- Alvin Adore -- "REFLECTIONS 2K7"

10 -- Bazodee Connection -- Cecil & Roz Roach -- "THE ENCHANTED GARDEN OF SOCALAND"

11 -- Pleasure Players -- Whitfield Balasco -- "AMAZONIA"

12 -- Evolution Carnival -- Andre & Ken Defreitas -- "DREAMSEEKERS"

13 -- Mas Players Int'l -- Bridget Renne / Troy Logan -- "DANCING SPIRIT OF RESILIENCE"

14 -- Nip Davis & Associates -- Selwyn "Nip" Davis -- "IN FLIGHT"

15 -- Borokeete Canada -- Frank Ramsaroop -- "ATLANTIS"

16 -- Tribal Knights -- Dexter Seusahai -- "TRIBAL KNIGHTS" And the "Beat" continues - JAZZ

Location: Distillery District

Date: Thursday August 9, 2007 - Sunday August 12, 2007

Description: Jazz extension to the traditional carnival type events. The event will be held the week after Caribana in conjunction with the Nu Jazz Society and featuring the vibes of Caribbean Jazz.


buublenut said...

I'm busy at work so I have not had a chance to read through your whole page - just glance it over but wondering if you guys are leaining towards one band/section yet??? Let me know.

Karabana said...

Welcome back, but I bet it must be harder to keep leaving, huh?
We've got quite a slide show of costume pics for you to see, it seems like not only is band selection but costume selection are going to be difficult decisions this year.
Many to chose from!

buublenut said...

It seems like the last week was a dream to me lol

I'll be coming by to see the slide show over drinks soon. I can't wait to jump up on da road again :)

Glad to see you guys joined facebook :)

Karabana said...

Hah, yeah, after receiving so many invites, I figured, sheesh, what's it all about?, now it'll be another thing online I'll get addicted to I'm sure! :-O

buublenut said...

Ok Kara here is my review :)

Ok here we go :) Carnival Nationz - I like the colour of Juggler but don’t think I could do the tutu LOL Cotton Candy – as much as I LOVE pink, don’t think I would do it on the road – would need to start working on tan NOW!!! But the male costume here is cute – Shawn how would you feel wearing a pink bow tie. I like the Siberian Tiger – nice headpiece and feeling the boa – could see myself in this. The fact that it is black and white is cool because I would like to do fishnets on the road and this costume would go well with a pair. Acrobats I like the colour but not to sure about how it is connecting in the front, can’t say if I am feeling that – looks like a thong but on wrong. Gypsies – too much material and orange is not my colour. The Purple is nice – I agree not sure how it would suit me though again I need to work on my tan. The Indian is nice and we said we wanted to play Indian mas but I think I will leave that for TnT :) Plus the blue looks awesome on the darker girl but not as nice on the lighter one.

Saldenah I agree with you – the orange blue is nice and will awesome on the road – its like Imp, I loved that costume on the road but not when I saw it on the net (only I don’t like the black in it here). I like the waist band on the orange/pink costume as well.

Looking at all these costumes I better stop eating the TimBits on my desk LOL

Any colours you have not played in :) When is the mas camps open for these 2 bands. So how does it work for you guys - Shawn pics the band you pic the section LOL. If we choose the same band but a different section I am assuming you can mix up on the road alot here except for when you cross the judging point - you guys tell me.

I am now getting so excited :)

Karabana said...

I thought the same re the black part in the blue/orange, it's like, ???
We'll go check them out, you have to see them to know, it's hard to tell from pics...
Yeah, Shawn leaves the section choice to me ;-) I haven't played yet in solid black, yellow, orange, or solid purple or solid pink.

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