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Friday, July 06, 2007

Fusion - Toronto Caribbean Connection

Fusion - A diverse merging of a unified whole...
is Toronto Caribbean Connection's Caribana 2007 presentation.
I've played mas in Band Leader Mervyn Skeete's section in Saldenah in 2002. Mervyn was there making costumes and welcomed me to the small and accessible mas camp. All 7 sections are available in mens as well, and costume prices vary from (I think) $125 - $200 front line. Prices also include food, drinks and more. Also available to purchase at the camp are mas boots designed by Bootsman MB.
Toronto Caribbean Connection will participate in Junior Carnival on July 21.

Primrose Path

I really like this one, the detail on the bra is a nice colour mix and the gypsie skirt is not only cute, but can be worn to belly dancing class! ;-)

Indigo Power

Solar Energy

Bootsman MB designs
Inquire at the mas camp about boots.


The ribbon is a different touch and the fine beading on the waist band is pretty.

Encounters in Pink

Harmony and a Kiddies costume
The silver waist band is quite va va voom. I like the twisted ribbon, it's nice to see small yet unique touches to costumes.


Check out their nice website www.tocarnival.com and to register, the mas camp address is 34 Golden Gate Court, Unit 4.


D Trini in Me said...

Very nice! Like the colors.

Anonymous said...

dem Caribana judges in for some real thunder with the costumes this year.Do you know how the judging is done?

Anonymous said...

I never met anyone who is actually a judge. I had an aunt and uncle who used to judge in Trinidad, but I guess thats different.
I know the judging takes place at the beginning of the route before you enter onto the lakeshore. I'm not sure how points are awarded based on what criteria, its a good question.
I guess we could ask the judges at the kiddies parade on the 21st, or if we meet anybody at the launch on Tuesday.
If any judges are reading this and want to give some info, we'd appreciate it.

Karabana said...

Mervyn, Primrose Path making an appearance at Carnival I see - that's fabulous, it's gorgeous! If I was going :(, I'd play in it for sure! :)

Hmmm.... maybe if I wish hard enough...

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