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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PLEASE, Please, PLease Mr. Dj

As I am sitting down here live streaming some 967FM from T&T, I'm bouncing and imagining myself on the road for caribana, and I am really wondering, how come I didn't hear a lot of these tunes on the road for carnival. It seems they only play a few songs over and over on the road.

This is not a Hater Post. Is a request.... Actually ah begging!!!!!!!!!!!

To all the Djs on the road for Caribana. We all Love Jumbie and we want to hear Open the gate and higher than high, but please SIR, don't spin the same 5 songs OVER and over and OVER for 6 hours straight.

It have sooo many hot tunes this year, and I know is not only me feel like this.

So, please Mr Dj, give the people what they want, but mix it up a little bit nah man




buublenut said...

I agree!!!!

"...clear the way and make a stage...."

Karabana said...

So true, they do that in T'dad, which is rather disappointing considering there's plenty of hott tunes to play... like Caution, Send Dem Come, Just Because, Mamacita, M.A.S., Roti, Hot Wuk, Frenzy, & Be Mine Tonight.

Anonymous said...

TinT, that was my only downer for T&T 2K7. Our truck DJ was monotonous just like you described.

Ah wishing allyuh (you and k) the best times on the road Caribana 2K7, Saldenah massive!!!

Well, I AM not making it this rounds, in the resulting late decision. But, I'll continue to follow y'all here ;)

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