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Sunday, August 05, 2007

J'Ouvert in Toronto?

I was skeptical. How can we have J'Ouvert in this city? But Hubby & Buublenut are HUGE J'Ouvert fans, so I agreed to check it out. Palazzo was the ideal location for all of us, since it's not too far from our n'hood. It also proved to be a good venue for J'Ouvert with it's different rooms with various things happening in each inside, ½ in & out, and outside. We got there after 1 and caught Kes , Roy Cape and Maximus. The in between room was soapy slick fun, although Trini-in-Toronto says he felt claustrophobic in those bubbles. The Farmers Rhythm Section playing outside brought us a true J'Ouvert feel. Trini-in-Toronto kept asking whey de mud? & a small amount of people (compared to how many were inside) got into the long awaited paint, powder & "mud" at about 4ish. Right out de gate is powder. Puff! powder in the eye = not fun. But I didn't wear my contacts, so phew. Getting that sticky yellowish smelly substance smeared on you was quite sickening. We all couldn't stand the smell & touching it made you feel like hurling. I'd suggest actual mud next time. You have to shake your head at some guys who came outside & were trying to stay clean.
remember: "ya cah play mas if ya 'fraid powder..." ;-)

da Green Dutty Crew




JUMBIES!!!!!!!!!! Ya see 'em??

making Dr. Jay part of de Green Dutty Crew

WE ALL HERE?... Yup!

While you can't compare it to New York & Trinidad of course, expecting the same thing, it is what it is, and it was a daymn blast!! I will definitely go again.


Anonymous said...

Well, if for all of your energy alone, y'all will have a j'ouvert rel soon ;) The dutty crew, getting on rel bad but clean, not dutty atall :) Anyho, the pictures look like y'all had a great time.

The best thing for New York West Indian Carnival parade IS j'ouvert for me. You're are so right.

Karabana said...

It looks like we stayed clean, but I still waiting on the dutty pictures...
The rhythm section & paint/powder/"mud" are what made it feel like JV, but otherwise, it was a fete. Bc there was no pan or chipping down de road. :(

Anonymous said...

The pics were taken before the duttyness. We hid the camera from the paint and forgot to get pics after.

Sadly in TO, we only have jouvert fetes. It took a long time to let us parade around one blocked off street with drinks in hand in the middle of the day. We still haven't quite convinced the powers that be to let us parade at night for jouvert.

buublenut said...

I wish we could have J'Ouvert on the streets!!!!

Love the Jumbie pic!!

Julie-Marie said...
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