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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the Madness that was Caribana 2K7

Since I can't have enough fuchsia, when I was shopping this afternoon at Designer Depot, & just had to pick up this fabulous bag that of course matches most perfectly with my amazing mas shoes! NOW it's complete!!!

Ready for de road!

Trini-in-Toronto in Javari

Megan in Wings of a Tiger and Buublenut & I in Water Lilies of the Congo

Paradisio front line

Jennifer in Carnival Nationz Snake Charmer, Ross' design

Spread your wings & f l y...

Bubblenut, Caribana Virgin & Karabana


push back ya bumper baby...

Going through the pictures, wow, that's a lot of fuchsia! Blinding!

de end

(loved my feathered fanny!)


buublenut said...

Great job with the pics Kara!!! I had so much fun - I can't wait till Saturday!!!

I still haven't had time to post or upload pics :)

Karabana said...

Thanks, can't wait to see yours... it's taking awhile going thru everything & uploading, but glad to see the JV ones, (w facebook down a lot) they're good.
I know what shots to get on Saturday! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey karabana, you look lovely, feather boa an ting ;) But just for kicks and critique nah, Doh dig nottin eh. Girl, I know you love your comfortable sneakers on the road, but pink was a bit much man. A nice contrasting silver would've kick up the costume a notch. The important thing is you had a ball, and that comes across quite evident in the pictures! :)

Trini-in-toronto, just cool as ever. I love the headwrap and those sunglasses. I am sorry I missed the ting up in TO. Next year, I will plan early to be there.

HQ said...

I still can't believe I missed seeing you!!!

Karabana said...

I know dougla since you felt compelled to critique just for kicks, that you'll understand I must point out that um, you're too late, it's after the fact - you could have more appropriately voiced your opinion on my shoe post 2 months ago.
But Doh dig nottin eh

buublenut said...

LOL - I loved the shoes Kara :)

Anonymous said...

K, I didn't see the shoes 2 months ago. I was just checking in once in a while.

Bubblenut and you loved them. So there you go, what do I know, silver from pink, it doesn't matter :)

I ain't digging nottin. I am sure I'll get critque on something else and I hope you would tell me honestly what you think, even after the fact (we did talk about shoes alot on TCD blog) :)

buublenut said...

Loving the bag Kara - awsome find!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found those shoes

Anonymous said...

trini-in-toronto, I have to give up to you, for real :) Yuh know what your girl likes! Last Lap! Enjoy!

HQ said...

Did mention that I LOVE the pink sneaks and purse?

Very very cute!!

Karabana said...

Thank you, not only did you play fuschia also, but you are like me w coordinating... they are cute aren't they?, bc it's all about ultimate matching, IMnotsoHO.

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