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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mas' Toronto - Into D' Wild

Alicia & Errol Achue's Mas Toronto band launch was held at the Thornhill Community Centre. It was a fun production complete with an animated host & models who danced their mas. Mas Toronto's own featured "Chippendales" dancer also made his usual appearance & looks like he made good tips.


Flamingo is Karabana's favourite, from the fluffy cute headpiece, to the pretty bra, and slim, well designed waistband.

Birds of Paradise


Karabana likes this version of Wildfire, especially the bra.



Kiddies carnival



Birds of Paradise


There's some great headpieces (particularly Warriors) and a variety of options, including some frontline or costumes with more coverage, like with Rainforest & Wildfire. Birds of Paradise come in black, yellow, blue and pink. Female costumes are $150 or $155 and males are $120. Their published website mastoronto.com hasn't been working.


Partyanimal said...

I actually like most of the costumes, good job Alicia and errol.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Ronnie got to go. Could be a bit too much. Same ole every year.

Reveller said...

I agree with Anonymous #2...Ronnie with his Chip n Dale routine (more like old & depleted)is overdone. I come to see Mas! costumes and ting...if I wanted to see a strip show I would take my money and go downtown! Come on Mas Toronto, get with it. It's no longer cute.

Anonymous said...

Love the costumes, We got it going on at Mas Toronto!..Great job to the models and most of all Lance , Errol and Alicia..From you Brampton Fans..

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