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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mas makeup

So you've selected your costume, it's sensational, & you can't wait to play mas. Time to consider the other elements to making your mas pop on the road. For the last several years Caribana has seen more influence from Trinidad Carnival with masqueraders wearing more elaborate makeup, including face jewels. I made contact last year with someone saying she was a makeup artist and would do faces on Caribana, but unfortunately I never heard back from her. Why was it that no one else was advertising for this service? It seems to me to be an excellent opportunity for talented makeup artists, as I know many masqueraders would love to have their makeup done for Caribana.
Callaloo's Indo-Aryans

This year fortunately I discovered Makeup by Natasha thanks to Tru! Natasha is from Trinidad, and of course Loves (with a capital L!) Carnival. She started doing makeup on herself and friends for Carnival a long time ago, and always had a passion for it. She took a makeup course at Centennial College 2 years ago while doing her Advanced Aesthetics and Airbrushing from George Brown College. She also attended Yorkville School of Makeup and Aesthetics where Natasha says she picked up a lot of tricks of the trade from the makeup teachers there, who are some of the best in the business. Natasha uses Nars, Makeup Forever, Gosh and Vasanti. She started using Sasha cosmetics because she loves their vibrant colors and the way it matches skin colours so nicely. She's now a Canadian Rep and sells their makeup in Canada.
Nefertits Dream, Callaloo

Natasha's location for Caribana morning is TBA. If you book now, you will get a FREE Lip-gloss or SINGLE EYE SHADOW from Sacha cosmetics. Also offered is a Caribana Special: Full leg & bikini wax, manicure, pedicure and makeup on Caribana day, $98.
Natasha's Makeup & Aesthetician services for you on facebook.


Anonymous said...

i didn't know where else to comment
but i was wondering if yu can tell me where is the best place to get accessories for caribana
ive been reading your blog beginning if the year when i found out for sure that i will be playing in caribana it is my first time
i trust yu so i was wondering if yu could help me out=)

Karabana said...

Hi There, welcome! When you say accessories, do you mean face jewels, jewelery, pouches, & footwear?
I will be doing posts on those accessories. :-)
For face jewels, I've found mine in the past at craft stores & even dollar stores!
What about it masqueraders out there, where have you found yours? & recently?

~BLOOMING said...

The arts & crafts section at Walmart has a great selection of jewels & glitter. They also have all you need to decorate your shoes, pouches/purses, or any other accessories i.e. glue guns, feathers, spray paint, etc...I'll be making my annual mas accessory trip there soon!

Tiffany said...

I will be awaiting your blog on accessories Kara...
I've tried craft stores to look for glitter/paint,etc...Do people use a regular glue gun if you want to decorate your own shoes? Spray paint? Is that for shoes or paint for your body? I bought paint for my shoes but spray paint sounds better.
Also, where can you find Danksin tights? I read in another blog that those are one of the best but I don't know of any stores in the Brampton area (or nearby). Any ideas?

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Anon...check Walmart :)

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