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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disco Fever!


Hot Stuff!
Bad Girls!
Le Freak!
Good Times!

I'm especially excited about
Toronto Revellers presentation for Caribana '10.

Disco balls, gold
lamé, platform boots, ya baby!
I love disco, & I think the fashion from the '70's makes for a perfect carnival theme.
Hot Shot!
Funky Town!
Car Wash!

Shiny polyester, afros, too much blue eyeshadow, catsuits... Can you dig it?

Actually, the hot pants and spandex tops are not unlike the Monday (Carnival) wear that many still wear in Trinidad.

I'm imagining many far out costume designs, I hope the designers get funky and give us dy-no-mite!

Shake your Body down to the Ground!
Got to be Real!


Anonymous said...

I want to see some sexy costumes, no grandma looking stuff. Let's see some sexy dynomite costumes. Let the costumes fever start. Come on Toronto Revellers, I am cheering for you. I want to see sequin, swansa feathers, spandex, etc. lol

Karabana said...

That's what I say Anon, but expect some bell bottoms too, because TR does cater to everyone. Like Trini-in-Toronto says, carnival always has tanties.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited for this theme, especially my bf, I also expect it to be very sexy and shiny as well.

Anonymous said...

I am not excited for this theme at all. As I am a fan of creativity, (thinking outside of the box) I fear Toronto Revellers representation will be predictable rather than original. I like the anticipation prior to the band launch of what each section could possibly entail and I think it's pretty much been summed up in bell bottoms, sequins, maybe a section titled disco ball, another section titled foxy cleopatra, lol. Just seems too predictable for me. (But that's just my opinion- they may just prove me wrong)

Karabana said...

Mas is usually predictable, literal translations are designed, a flower is a flower, that kind of thing. Mas nowadays isn't abstract, gone are the Peter Minshall days.

I love anticipation as well, but since the big bands have started to announce their presentations in as early as September, we've got many months to conjure up images in our imaginations.

What theme would you like to see Anon 7:04?

Oh, about that, there are many Anonymous comments again, so everyone without an account, how about choosing an identity, or in the least, signing your comments with a name.
Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The big bands definitely have given us something to talk about. It only January and already themes have been announced and band launch dates set. As early as mid April we will be seeing band launches, which has it's pros and cons. I think an early start is good because it gives the mas makers more time to make the costumes, but at the same time from the buyers perspective it places a lot of pressure to buy a costume quickly, in fear that a section might sell out, if they were to wait for another band launch.

I'm interested to see what all bands come with, but I'm really excited to see carnival nationz!

-Anon 7:04-

mira said...

I think the idea SOUNDS good, but we will have to wait for the band launch. I actually hope a lot of sparkle/glitter is used but NOT in a tacky way. Creativity is a must and as stated before, this could turn out to be "Austin Powers' Goldmember".

I was disappointed with the hype and expectations of the themes last year - When I saw pictures from the band launches, the costumes did not really represent creative aspects of the themes.

I actually liked one costume from the Revellers (but it did not remind me of Brazil at all, and it was sold out very quickly) so I hope that there just isn't one popular section with other sub-par sections. I actually called section leaders about costumes that were not even made by the Revellers! (they were samba dancers hired for the launch).

What other bands have launched? I am very interested to see Carnival Nationz as well...I think overall, their costumes looked the best on the road last year (I think they came #1 as well?).

Karabana said...

Yeah, I hear ya on tacky Mira, it's like with DIY decorated mas boots or sneakers: I've noticed there's a fine line between tacky & tasteful.
Perhaps it was due to losing certain designers or going with different suppliers, but yes, TR costumes were thought to be by many rather underwhelming last year.

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