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Saturday, January 09, 2010


The city is going through another cold alert -20°C, so hearing another band announcing their presentation today is welcoming news.
Louis Saldenah Mas-k Club
will be presenting Portraits this Caribana. This theme leaves much to the imagination, which is ideal, I think, for mas creation. Often when you go with something so exact like, say, flowers, designers can get quite literal.
XPats are having their
Trinidad Carnival Jump Up Feb. 6.
For others not going to Trinidad, to help warm ya up, check out Louis site for their Carib2KWine video and pictures.


buublenut said...

Carnival fetes in the cold are just not the same :(

Anonymous said...

Wow, another announcement. Portrait sounds cool. I know Tribal Knights is doing Hollywood Glits and Glamor and the Revellers are doing Disco.

Anonymous said...


And wow, portraits, sounds interesting. I know Tribal Knights is doing Hollywood Glits and Glamor for 2010, and the Revellers are doing Disco.

Sounds exciting.

Karabana said...

No, they (fetes) sure aren't. There's something about standing in a lineup freezing my a$$ off that just doesn't appeal to me. Winter coat, snowing = Caribana/Carnival vibes? Nope

Yep, some themes sound good, I'm intrigued.

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