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Monday, August 06, 2018

The pictures: Toronto Carnival 2018

Always start positive, right? So here are our pictures, beginning with Trini-in-Toronto's... 

So good to see you again Jennelle! ðŸ’‹

It wouldn't be Carnival if I didn't run into Ranae and Kathy.  ðŸ˜ 

Nice meeting you Kevin, thanks for your comment about the blog. 


⬆️ Fever Mas crew! ⬇️


Designers Sam & Ronnie ðŸ’™ðŸ’œ

The last several years I had wanted to play in a corset or one piece, because they are often prettier than the bra option. So when I saw this beautifully designed corset, it was an easy choice. I also went with a spider panty this time because the fit was perfect, nicer than the other bottoms choices. The feathered wrist pieces were a new accessory for me, which I adored. What I was constantly adjusting was the shoulder pieces. They didn't stay in place on my shoulders, and broke a few times, which I attempted to repair.  The light headpiece had the impact I like, but the wires unfortunately left indents in my head. I simply can't go with a wired headpiece anymore. 

Doh let nothing stop we! 

Kudos to Fever Mas for stocking our goody bag with useful things, particularly this blue cooling cloth. It did work as it should when you poured some water on it. It's better than all the other "sweat rags" everyone carries and just throws away. And we sure needed it in that humidity! We also received the new Fever Mas logo tattoo, makeup remover wipes, a whistle, lotion (I'll bet people wished it was sunscreen) and this curious little gold thing I thought was a key ring, but has adhesive on the back, so it's a hook? 

Sunglasses were certainly THE accessory this carnival. Pink, mirrored, or decorated, I don't know how you could go without them. 

Fellow photogs Shirlanne and Tony.


Another Carnival peep we always see is fellow OTC devil Ronnie.  ðŸ˜ˆ



Tereka! ðŸ˜˜


😻Makeup skillz  

                                 ðŸ’Ž Designing DARYL 💎

Looking fabulous Azalea Zoe Hart 💟

Now, my pictures... 

Every year we see volunteer Sheldon! ðŸ˜Ž

Love this costume. ðŸ’–

🌸Queen Michelle's Sparkling Cherry Blossoms🌸

🌟 A favourite from the launch and on the road, Rebelle, Sophia Rickson's design. ðŸŒŸ

👍🏼This crew's shoes. ðŸ‘



Trying to corral us, lol...


Heading to judging before 2:00.  

A backpack and side pack I liked.  

This one though takes it! 

You see all kinda things along the route, but a wire bra?  
Guess she just went topless...?  

After judging, this gentleman from the US & I spoke for awhile about how our day was going. He said it feels dead. Last year, he told me he played in Saldenah's white section and said the vibes were strong, everyone was always full of energy. He said this time, he noticed people are all about getting an Instagram shot. He's played a lot of mas including in Jamaica and Trinidad, but knows you can't compare Toronto to Caribbean island carnivals. This is likely his last Caribana, he told me. 

After 3:00, when some stormers entered. And that was it for me, I was ready to head down to the lake. 

The annual lake shots. 

And, the heading home shot. 


Comments coming later. 


JeanneC said...

As always, I enjoy your photos (and those of your peeps). Sad to read the comment of the US gentleman. that he may not play again next year, and his comment about selfies..today's younger paraders do indeed seem to be very absorbed in getting a selfie.

Loved your bustier. A very very pretty costume and you look GREAT in it!

margret said...

Great pics Kara, every one looked fabuloso. Omg it is so true I cannot believe they all had the phone in the air as they were going down the road.

Karabana said...

Many thanks Jeanne and for your continued comments and compliments.
I loved how the corset looked at the launch and then at the camp, & always wanted to play in one, bc I had always done bras. Next year, remember, join me in Fever Mas! :-D

Right margret, with every generation, there are always annoyances, & selfies are definitely it for this one! :P
Spectators have commented that all they see is masqueraders holding their phones.

Kryssy said...

Whew Kara!!! The slayage!! You looked INCREDIBLE!!! Loved all the pics!!! <3

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