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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carnival Nationz in Miami

Carnival Nationz is competing in Miami carnival this year, and they've revamped some Caribana costumes and added new ones. I really like the blue and grape mixed into Jane, and the frontline headpiece & collar. In this photograph it looks like azure, but on their site, it's turquoise.
What do you think of their new and redesigned sections?
These Carnival Nationz photos are from their launch. For more pics, check out their website and facebook group.
Are you going to Miami, did you go last year, how was it?

Mae Mae

Big Bamboo

Royal Jail


Anonymous said...

Hi Kara! Thanks as I've said before for always keeping us in the loop!

My thoughts - Jane looks beautiful! Better than the first I think.
The embellishments in Mae Mae are the same from D'Lizard.
Congo Man & Big Bamboo looked better with the brown and white only. I think the colors take away from the meaning - but hey maybe Miami's a diff crowd to please!
Jean and Dinah still fine.
Royal Jail - not a fan, I liked the orange better.
Miss Mary is nice.

Partyanimal said...

Jane,Congo man, Jean and Dinah, Royal jail, and Miss mary are nice. Bamboo is ok, as for Mae Mae...ummm yeah. So my crew and I will be palacing with Nationz in Miami. This is going to be my first MIAMI carnival...cannot wait!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of them except Mae Mae. I was really hoping to go to Miami, because I've never been there before...but doesn't look possible this year...oh well next year.

this too will pass said...

Hi; lots of London Carnival pics here: http://nottinghillcarnival2010.blogspot.com/
kind regards,Charles

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