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Sunday, August 08, 2010

The return of Mardi Gras!

For a while there, this was almost a repeat of last year, Hamilton almost didn't happen. Horrors of horrors!
It wasn't until Friday that the bands confirmed that they were in fact going. (Some went to Brampton.) With nothing but a flyer back in May and an updated website in July to go by, many people assumed Mardi Gras just wasn't happening. Apparently the 2008 wash out resulted in no payment to the bands, so this year, bands requested payment up front. When this didn't happen, a boycott was planned. The new organizer quit on Thursday. But very fortunately for all us masqueraders, Saldenah, Carnival Nationz, Tribal Knights, Toronto Revellers, and Fantasia did participate. I must give a very BIG thank you & say how much I appreciated them going! We want to see this event survive. It would be a shame for it to collapse.
Hamilton's 2010 Mardi Gras was a FANTASTIC parade, emphasis on parade! Spectators do their thing, which is watch, take pictures, and then join the masqueraders in the park. We had space to jump up and palance without anyone ruining it. That's what I LOVE about Hamilton. There's a respect for the parade and the masqueraders.
It was unfortunate that the listed Trinidad performers didn't come however. That must have been very anticlimactic for those who stayed in the park to hear soca, and those who came later in the evening and paid $10 expecting to see them!
It looked like there were almost as many people liming in the parking lot as there were in the park at @5:00, which was also unfortunate. Mardi Gras needs people to support the vendors in order to succeed.
However, the parade itself had the perfect vibe, weather, and libation!
How was it for you?
If you'd like any of your Hamilton pics on the blog for a slide show, email them to me: karabana01@yahoo.ca

Watch we palancin!


...Until our last lap in Barrie next week!...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I was shocked to hear all that went on on thursday night, I'm surprised it happened this year. Aside from that it was great. I even got to meet you Kara! lol, that was the highlight of my day.

Only bad thing is that they wouldn't let my bf past the gate, even-though his shorts clearly said Carnival Nations, and he had the hat and everything. So that's when I decided to leave. We paid full price for his costume, and for them to turn him down saying he wasn't a masquerader, BS. I was hoping to hit up the vendors and see what they had, but oh well.

Everything else was great.

Did the bands themselves have a different entrance from the one we first saw when we came in? Maybe we were going the wrong way...I dunno.

Karabana said...

D&D gyal right? :-) Glad to have met you too!
The bands trucks couldn't come into the park (too much damage to the field in '08).
That's total bs as you say re your bf not getting in. I remember they've were quite picky in the past about costumes, giving the guys a hard time, steups, that's not right! That shouldn't have happened! I know they're trying to make money, but come on, let all the masqueraders in! Bad job whoever that was!

Anonymous said...

Yep yep, it's me.

Yeah, that's what I thought. If they wanted the guys to pay they should just say, masquerader girls in free. But it's not fair, I guess they forgot guys do it too.

They always giving guys a hard time...wow.

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