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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Random pics from the road

Ok, they aren't that random! We usually get more shots of other bands in Hamilton and Barrie (allyuh coming right?), but this year we headed back to the stage, stayed, & got all the rest of the bands, right up 'till 5:00 when the last band went through.
We really liked eating a leisurely lunch at the CNE before we got going, it's kind of annoying trying to eat while walking. Both sections we played in had beverages available when we'd go for them. How was your lunch?
Saldenah went through the judges at 12:30 and by 3:00, towards the end of the route, some stormers were in the band. But it didn't feel like the usual mash up. How did the stormers affect your day?
Unfortunately Karabana's wide headpiece wasn't staying on, it kept falling forward. The way it was designed with the huge cardboard piece was like a sail, so any motion or breeze & it would pick up. So she spent much of the morning holding it up, until she couldn't any longer & had to take it off. Noticed many many other masqueraders (in different sections & bands) holding up their headpieces too.
How'd your costume hold up, still intact for Saturday? The road is always littered with costume parts, and along with the some hair (below), we also saw a pair of obviously cheap white wedge boots on the curb, with a heel off.

So how was your Caribana 2010 experience?
To have your Caribana pictures on a slide show I'll be putting together, email them to me at karabana01@yahoo.ca.

We know people lose their sunglasses, money, phones, and parts of their costumes. But now we've seen it all.


tara Bragg said...

I didnt see you guys on the road :(

we gotta make up for that in hamilton :)

my costume stayed in tact EXCEPT for the wire antenna things in the bra and belt because they kept getting stuck on everyone passing by (stings, hair, beads, purses, etc) so i got sick of it and had to alter the costume on the side of the road (ie pull them off! LOL) i dont think i will bother putting them back on for hamilton or barrie.

Unknown said...

Karaban, I had a great time on the road despite the fact that I didn't go all the way to the end of the parade route. There were just too many non-masqueraders blocking the street. I'm getting so sick of that!
Anyway, I had a time and a half! I had on my best costume ever. The service with Nationz was on point. And I enjoyed myself in the holding area until we got to Medieval Times. It was a long day, but it was a good one.
I'm not going to Hamilton or Barrie. I'm partied out. But have a blast.
And Tara, I agree, those little butterfly attennae things kept catching on everything and everyone who passed by!

essa said...

Kara, i had a fantastic time. I can still go lol. It was fabulous, had no problem at all. It was a blast. Can't go hamilton family BBQ.

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Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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