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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taste of Caribana heading to York

YorkRegion Article: Taste of Caribana heading to York

This is cool, we live right next to Vaughan, so we look forward to this happening!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what that will mean for Hamilton? Brampton I think also has one during the same time. But hey, at least now we have lots of options for places to go lol.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

You know we have a soft spot in our hearts for Hamilton, but they have been kinda shaky for a few years now. I wish everybody in the GTA who want to have a carnival, the best of luck. I mean, if you assume that they can't have a local carnival before Caribana (because people need to use their Caribana costumes) then they only have 4 weekends before we hit September. Its pretty tough on new emerging festivals like Brampton and now York. If Hamilton can get their act together, they have a good following, so they will be fine. But, there is competition now. hopefully it will make everyone better

Anonymous said...

Is there a festival for those 4 weekends? I know there's Toronto, Hamilton, and Barrie.

And Hamilton really does need to get their crap together. Heck last years almost didn't happen and the year before it didn't. Hamilton is a slowly dying city, so it wouldn't surprise me if their mardi GRAS were to disappear in the future. :(

Anonymous said...

I totally agree though, competition might inspire them to do better. I hope for the best to.

Karabana said...

Yes, the existing carnivals are in Toronto, Hamilton, Brampton and Barrie. We'll see what happens this season with York added to the mix.

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