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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Checking in on TruDynasty

There was a buzz of activity when we stopped by TruDynasty's new mas camp location on Toryork Dr. A dj was blasting the tunes at their Sunday fix lime, band leader Dario was helping people with costumes, and band leader Thea was off doing a CHRY radio interview which we caught on the way over. This creative couple is gearing up for King & Queen on Thursday.

I hope costume pick up is going well, many bands started distributing today. I've been reading some organized bands sent messages a few weeks ago with pick up dates. Kudos to those who are avoiding the dreaded late Friday night before the parade!


Anonymous said...

nationz is starting to give problems to some ppl already. A friend of mine was told that if she doesnt pick up her costume today then they are selling it. The girl lives out of town and now has to take a taxi to come for her costume.
She isnt happy with Nationz right now! and its her 1st time playin Mas.

Trini-K said...

Kara...quick question. I'm attempting to wear face jewelry this year. I bought these self adhesive jems at Walmart & another craft store called Hobby Lobby... In your experience, do I need to buy the face glue to put them on? Or do you think that the adhesive on the back of the gems will last throughtout the day? I'm trying to avoid using the glue because it requires rubbing alcohol to take it off. Thanks!

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Was she given the option to pay off her costume in full via credit card, e-mail money transfer or other method instead of having to visit the mas camp?

Anonymous said...

I wore the stick on jewels last year, and they didn't even make it until noon. I picked up spirit gum yesterday, and the guy said you can remove it with cold cream.
I was really impressed with it. I hope it holds up with the humidity.
They're calling for 33 C.
I hope it rains. = )

Karabana said...

Yes, the self adhesive usually doesn't last long, I apply additional glue Trini-K. I've worn gems that stayed on all day no prob with eyelash glue. Spirit gum also works great. Anon 8:46, where did you buy yours?

Trini-K said...

@Kara: ohhh ok. I have lash glue so I'll try that. Thank you so much! =)

Yeah we've been having some issues with the costume pickup with Tribal Knights (Cotton Candy Frontline) as well. My cousin was supposed to pick up the costumes yesterday, then they changed it to today, and now they've changed it to tomorrow. I've decided not to stress over it... I've seen people playing with various camps on Twitter complaining about costume delays and long lines/waits so I guess it's part of the norm.
Friends of my cousin are playing with CN and their pick-up has been moved to Friday.
I feel that as long as my costume looks good and it fits and I get it before the parade, I'll be happy.

Lesley said...


My pick up this year was a breeze. Just wish the bra was more elastic like the one I had last year. Tomorrow will be gettin henna done on my hands and foot to complete the Bollywood looks. That's all I have to say about that.

King n Queen's show tomorrow, Fayann at Irie Fest then KOS J'ouvert, Caribana and off to Soca or Die to see my husband Kes!

Have a safe weekend y'all. All the best to the bands for Band of the Year title.

Anonymous said...

I bought my spirit glue from a costume rental shop. They should also have them at dance supply stores. I'm not in the GTA.
Cost me $5.99 for a 1 oz bottle that the guy said will last forever if I keep it nice and tight.

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