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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Connections 2013 presentation Rhythm of Life

Tonight we were treated to Mervyn Skeete's 2013 band launch of Rhythm of Life.

It took place up at Twilight restaurant which is right in the same plaza as his mas camp near the corner of Nugget and McCowan.  It started right on time (just after midnight) and we really appreciated the punctuality since its Friday and I worked today, so there was no time for an afternoon nap.
The costumes were really nice and I heard quite a bit of cheering from the crowd. It was very well attended, nice to see the community support

The band want us to know that they still do all of their costume design and manufacture right here in- house. There is no out sourcing they said.

Rhythm of the Environ
 Rhythm of Healing
Rhythm of Ecstasy
Rhythm of Blues  
 Rhythm of Euphoria
Rhythm of Adoration
I've never seen this before, if you like the look of a wire bra, but want a little more modest option...here you go.


designingDARYL said...

Nice post Karabana. I love Twilight restaurant whenever I come to Toronto - food and vibe is nice.

"Here's the thing" (Kevin Hart voice lol) why stress to have you mention that the band does all of their costumes "in-house" and "nothing is outsourced" (so as to throw a jab to other bands) when "Rhythm of Healing" is the same costume (bodywear) as Dream Team's "Burlesque" from 2012 Trinidad Carnival?

Seems like false advertising to me...

Crying Wolf said...

Wow, really nice costumes! I really like what they did with the cage bra (never thought about that) and I like the backpack of the red too. The green is also very nice. Those are my two favorites. :)

yeayeabe said...

These are beautiful costumes!!

Unknown said...

I really like the White/Gold section. I remember your post "the cost of Caribana" so I wonder if their disclaimer means their costumes will be cheaper? I like the idea of knowing exactly who was is making my costume, but all bands do in house work on some level. I'm skeptical about the plastic cage bra. I hope they have some kind of ventilation.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I don't think its a plastic cage bra, I think the model put on one of those "stick on silicone bras" they sell at the drugstore for use with tops that look bad if you wear a bra. Its not actually attached to the costume

yeayeabe said...

You really know your stuff Trini in Toronto

Karabana said...

^ lol!

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