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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Toronto Revellers 007 "Mas never Dies" band launch 2013

Revellers announced they were teaming up with Mac Farlane and Ronnie + Caro.
I thought to myself, that's strange, Jamaal bringing two bands or what?
I was picturing on the road some Ronnie and Caro chick wandering into the Mac Farlane section and being told “Miss lady, you don’t belong here, if you want to jump and wave go so!! We play "marse" over here, if you want to wine up your tail, get in your section” LOL.
I guess Revellers realizes you kind of have to do both, you need to bring a bunch of  BBF (bikini, beads and feathers) sections (that can hold their own with anyone), to appeal to the young masses. And you can still provide some more theme based costumes with lots of cloth for the artistic/modest in the crowd. Anyone who has tried to bring an entire band shunning the BBF formula has either fallen by the wayside or is currently on life support. Also if you slap a designed by Mac Farlane label on it, not too many will dare criticize it when it doesn't fit today's mold. 
This is not a costume but a gold dancer

A Revellers launch always has some theatrics in addition to the costumes. We saw a pretty cool Bond martial
arts fight scene complete with professional actors. Also a singer did a very nice rendition of Goldfinger, and there were some great golden dancers too.

Her Majesty's Secret Service
 The Spy Who Loved Me
 Casino Royale
For Your Eyes Only  
Coolest male costume this year (my not so humble opinion)
 Diamonds are Forever 

Jamaal has used his celebrity to promote some really positive messages to youth (outside of carnival). Ideas of non-violence, financial responsibility and cultural pride.  From a Carnival point of view, I see him trying to show younger players that mas can be more than just a street party. There is still room for all ages and artistic expression.
On a lighter note, he is announcing all these collaborations, I only hope he cleared this with the the powers that be, otherwise they might slap a brace on him like he is from some invading Tribe, or is a Bandit. ;)            


Kryssy said...

Nice presentation. I agree with you 100% that the camouflage costume is the best male costume out this year.

The Collabo said...

Great coverage and overview of the launch!

Crying Wolf said...

Very nice costumes, my favorite being the black and purple!

Jackie Forde said...

Nicely 'P'hrased.... very true indeed. Beautiful coverage...as always. This is REAL mas!!!

Jackie Forde

Unknown said...

I am impressed, and excited. I loved the theme when I heard it and they have delivered. Mas IS more than just the street party that many take it for.

mr-wonderful said...


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