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Friday, May 10, 2013

Mas Toronto band launch 2013

Mas Toronto presented their Timeline 2013 theme tonight @12:30 at their mas camp located at 720 Military Trail.
 Cambrian Explosion

Age of Transformation and Peace

Age of Symbols

Age of Innocence

Age of Empires

Dark Ages

Age of Discovery


Lesley said...

No comment but to laugh! O_o

Unknown said...

This is one of those crossroads that people get to when they need to make a decision about their future. Either keep going forward or quit now. My suggestion is that Mas Toronto quits now. These costumes are a travesty. This is some real 'struggle' mas right here. And if they expect people to spend their money on these jokes they call costumes they're delusional.

Crying Wolf said...

Very unique costumes.

Dar said...

what just happened here?! I'm so confused... was this a joke? A flasback to the early 90s?! If I go to their website and see something more than $30 I'm going to be mad.

Kryssy said...

Everyone is being rather kind & I get it... Perhaps they worked really hard. But if I'm being honest... This is a HOT MESS. I couldn't find 1 redeeming quality about this presentation. Very disappointing. @Dar- $30 is a reach. I wouldn't pay $3 for this. Sorry. Eek!

Unknown said...

Some people are struggling too. Maybe this is for the people that cannot spend hundreds of dollars on costumes. Everyone should have the chance to play Mas.

Unknown said...

@ Simonne - I hear what you're saying, but these costumes are downright ugly and cheap. They look like a grade school class project. There's absolutely no reason that you can't have a nice costume even for a lower price. Lower price doesn't equal cheap, poorly designed, and ugly.

Carnival Revolution said...

That could have been what they were going for, they did it them self and could be servicing a more mature crowd! Me, I am a young Band Leader, who comes from a long line of greats, here is a story I found about my great uncle Clive Brand, google "Clive Brand Caribana" to find it and other articles a like. It read; 1971
Competitor Clive Brand just makes it out of his costume as it goes up in flames at the King and Queen Show. He is forced to throw his $400 costume into Lake Ontario to put the fire out. The blaze is a result of the two flares placed inside his costume to boldly display the colours to the judges.

Although he loses his costume to the flames, he wins first place and is crowned King of the bands. this came from the CBC timeline page. There are still more before me, in my family who have done great thigns in this festival.

Carnival Revolution said...

Ya know what, I'm trying to invite you guys to my band launch, giving you a reason as to why you should come, but when i post a blog, I cant see it to follow the thread, lol. It is also late, been working all day. Our launch is may 25th, at the Santa Rosa family restaurant and lounge. Our presentation, "Home For Carnival" a celebration of Carnivals around the Caribbean. Dont miss it!

Trini-in-Toronto said...

we'll be there. We put up your flyer also

Karabana said...

That's a really interesting piece of history Osei. Thanks for sharing!

Perhaps when outsourcing a designer, go east but don't stop at Montreal, go to Boston.

Unknown said...

I keep coming back to this post because the negative comments really bothered me. For those who choose BBM mas - myself included - don't forget where it came from. What right do you have to belittle others work in such an immature way. Opinions and constructive criticism is one thing but some comments just seem wicked. Mas is more than feathers and jewels to many people. These costumes where well designed as their youtube video shows. I think this band has heart and an old school vibe. I'm looking forward to seeing their big mad.

Karabana said...

Thank you Simonne and I do agree with you, especially with the need for constructive (read: helpful) comments. MasTO is one of the originators, so yes, they're labelled as old school. Not all of our bands are the same. Their costumes don't drip with jewels, no cage bras or thongs are in site, and a lot of fabric or other materials are used, not only feathers.

I was expecting more support of their presentation from some old mas enthusiasts actually.

Kryssy said...

Honestly, I don't think my comment was immature or mean. This is an open forum so I feel as though I can express my opinion freely-within Kara & Trini's guidelines of course. Because you don't agree or you're more sympathetic doesn't mean that my choice of verbiage automatically falls into those categories because I express myself in a way that doesn't appeal to you. This, in my opinion, was not their best work.
I've played mas for almost my entire life and all over the world. And my father is friends with and worked under Wayne Berkeley throughout my childhood in Trinidad so I'm well aware of what goes on with the creation of costumes; how much hard work goes on, etc. I'm not new to this- I'm TRUE to this. Additionally, what gives myself and others the right to express our opinions is that we are the consumer. Any business runs the risk of getting poor reviews for a poor performance.
For me it's not about beads or bling. It's about the quality, creativity, and appeal of the costumes as well as the presentation. I think that the choices of hair and makeup, down to the accessories (read: shoes), did not enhance the costumes. The costumes didn't appeal to me because I didn't think the QUALITY & workmanship was good. They may have put a lot of time in and worked hard but unfortunately it did not reflect in the final product. I am all for supporting the art of mas, and I give credit where credit is due. We would be doing the designers a disservice if we patronized them by not expressing our truth. The delivery may be hard to take however, that is the risk you run in this business. You have to have tough skin.
I'll leave with this: When you have a job and you no longer perform at a level that is expected of you based on your potential, skill level and previous performance, your company's superiors will sit you down and address it because they are paying you their money to perform at a certain level. You wouldn't tell your boss that they're immature because they gave you the tough love and critique that is needed & justified. You'd either quit, improve, or be fired. Same applies here. Carnival is too important to our culture and history for us to become complacent in the costume design & presentation, the parades, the music, and everything else involved. We have high expectations for Mas Toronto especially since they have been around for so long. It's honestly more shock and dissapointment that they didn't live up to THEIR pre-set standards; especially being veterans in this arena. Look at their presentation from last year alone- compared to this year's:

There is a CLEAR diffference in the level of quality. That is undeniable.
So again, just because we give our opinion doesn't mean we don't see the potential. It's not taking away from the work they put in. It's about critiquing what is placed in front of us and perhaps next go around they will improve. I stand by my earlier comment.

Karabana said...

Very well stated Kryssy, you've explained it quite well. There is a notable difference in their costume design from year's past. Most designers do want constructive feedback (which you've given) so they can understand what didn't work well for their consumers.

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