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Saturday, August 21, 2010

No behaviour - Caribana crimes

Now that Caribana, Mardi Gras & Caribfest are over, I promised I'd do a post on Caribana crimes - things that are simply in poor taste, or lacking acceptable carnival etiquette.

Definitely the #1 Caribana crime is stormers. I've heard Carnival Nationz masqueraders describe the parade as "fucked up", there was "no feeling the vibe" for some, and others weren't pleased with security. Some comments that haven't been removed are on Scotiabank Caribana 2010 | Official Facebook Group - FEEL DE VIBE. The days we females give these non costumed stormers a token wine should be gone, but they aren't. There are still too many masqueraders getting on bad with them, which doesn't put a stop to it! If these guys can't get no jam, they'll move on. If no masqueraders will wine with them, they'll stay out of the parade!! But for the small amount of masqueraders that tell them to get out, there are many more who don't, and worse, who wine with them.
Stormers piss many of us off, and it's not fun trying to maneuver around them. Many have no manners, they shove their way through, forget even excusing themselves, and they don't mind your costume. I heard some guys were grabbing ass. So that shows you right there what some think of our Caribana, how they have zero respect for female masqueraders, and look at our carnival as an opportunity to be nasty with girls in bikinis. This includes those sleazy fellas shooting video from down low. Disgusting. We've all seen stormers trying to get around the Kings, Queens & Individuals, and as a result of their lack of concern, some of them get torn or break.
Simply put, they ruin the road experience for many masqueraders.

2. Costume malfunction. We pay good hard earned money for our costumes, and to have them fall apart in any way on the road is a crime. A waistband that breaks at judging can be embarrassing. Things sticking out, sharp edges that get caught on everyone, poorly secured pieces that come off, all crimes. I consider headpieces that won't stay on in with this. The headpiece makes the costume, it's the crowning glory, and for so many gyrls this year to be holding theirs, or attaching it to their back straps, means they didn't want to wear it. Why not? It either didn't fit properly, or stay on, or it hurt. I've seen all examples this year. You'll want to wear a comfortable headpiece. When a headpiece isn't designed with function in mind, it falls short. It's a shame really, because there were so many gorgeous looking, full & huge, different headpieces that didn't work.

3. Drunk & disorderly. I'm talking about the masqueraders who get so wasted that they're stumbling, making out with random guys, and showing no behaviour. These displays show not only a serious lack of judgment, but it's embarrassing to watch these train wrecks. I know carnival is the time to free up and get on bad, but there's a line people.

4. Tights. I've heard comments that most women should wear 'em, but they don't. I figure, if your legs, etc. look better in 'em, wear 'em. The problem is, you see a lot of runs, which is a visual crime, the eyes focus on that instead of the costume. If I had a run, I'd find myself to the nearest washroom/port-a-john & take 'em off. I know, I know, easier said than done, and maybe you're having such a great time that you don't care. Chosing the right tights is just as important. Come on ladies, no control top!... I saw too much of that on the road again, tsk tsk. I guess this next one is more of a fashion preference - coloured fishnets. To me, they're a faux pas, I don't like the looks of them.

5. Poor costume choice. While carnival is all about freeing your inhibitions, it's also extremely visual. So selecting a costume that best suits your body type is essential. Most sections have a corset or tankini option, which can look sexy, yet, they aren't worn that much. Just as not everyone should wear a wire cage bra &/or thong (I'd never!), a bikini isn't the best choice for everyone.

I won't go on, I'd rather you contribute to the list...

So what Caribana crimes have you noticed?

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Unknown said...

Kara, excellent post. And much needed. Your crime re: costumes that fall apart...dead on! One year I played mas with a band and the costume started coming unglued before I even got it home from the mas camp! I was not happy!

Let's not even start about picking costumes that fit YOUR body type. I am so tired of seeing bellies hanging over costume belts, boobs about to pop out, panties stuck in cracks, c-section scars. Everyone was not built to wear a bikini or a cage bra. This year I wore a corset instead of my usual tankini and I got a lot of compliments for it. Sure, you're comfortable in your skin..but you're not the only one looking at you on Caribana day, so please...find a costume option that makes the most of your good features, not one that highlights your not-so-good ones.

For me, one Crime of Caribana is bringing a small child to play mas in the band with you. It would probably be okay if the crowd on the Lakeshore was better controlled. But each year it's been proven that the crowd is getting bigger and worse. This year I saw about 3 or 4 people with their small children (I'd average between the ages of 5-9) with them in the band. The child played in the band's kiddies band, so they brought them in costume with them to play in the big people's band. The reason they have Kiddies Carnival is so the kids can play mas in a safe environment. The middle of the Lakeshore with people pushing and shoving is not the place for little kids.

And my final Crime of Caribana is thinking that it's okay to let your friends/family come into the band with you. I'm sorry, but if they're not wearing a costume (for that band), they need to chill on the side of the road and meet you at the end of the parade. Just because you're in the band in a costume doesn't give your whole family a pass to come into the band and drink the water/juice/pop that I'M paying for! If they want to wine up with you, then register them in a section!

Thanks Kara!

Lisa W

Anonymous said...

Kara, I agree with you, I don't know what make these non costumes people feel they can join the bands and jump up and whine up on who they feel like. You want to play mas buy a costime. You don't see people joing bands in Trinidad, they have respect for the masqueraders, and yes pick costumes that flatter you not ones that make you look ridiculous. Last and not least you could have a good time without getting wasted and not knowing what you are doing and with whom. We want the world to see us as people who know how to have a good time with good behaviour.

Partyanimal said...

First, I HATE THE STORMERS, I hate how they think Caribana is for them to join with out a costume. These dumbass stormers need to understand that the parade is for them to watch, not to join and jump up with the people playing mas.

Second is the point that Lisa made and I totally agree with, which was masqueraders telling their damn family and/or friends to come jump up with them. They need to realize that the costume only admits one person, it's not a 2 for one deal. Not just because you in the band, means you could bring your whole heap of friends and family. One of my friends this year (I'm a shame to say this lol) asked me if I can get them a extra wristband for their friend, so they can join us in Nationz. I answered " if you cheap friend wanted to be in the band they should have bought a dang costume." People just getting out of hand these day boy.

Drunk and disorderly, let me just say this, if you cannot handle your liquor do not drink that much or at all.

luvmeh mas said...

Caribana is about playing mas with costumes of beautiful colors not jumping up in a band without costumes. You see these videos on utube, and all you could see is a mas of non costume people. When viewed outside , one would think what the hell is this about..You want ot jump up BUY A COSTUME, simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with everyone here so far. As for me, I'm noticing that boy shorts are giving me a pooch, so maybe next year I'll try some panties and see what I get. I would love to try a cage bra too...this is only my second year, so I have lots of experimenting to do lol.

Karabana said...

Ah yes Lisa, how could I forget, a HUGE pet peeve of mine is seeing ppl drag their kids in strollers to the parade!! We masqueraders have enough crashers to get around, come on, not strollers, too!! The Lakeshore is NO place for that!!! Why subject your child to those crowds?!! Clearly it's not for their benefit, steups.
I do feel Hamilton & Barrie are more family oriented though. Those parades are smaller & there are no crowd issues, so the kiddies can safely jump up in their jr. carni costume again.
While family/friends jumping in the band may not act as disgraceful as some stormers, they're not costumed, so yes, technically, they shouldn't be in the parade.

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