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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Every year I hope for my best Caribana yet. I anxiously await the band launches and hope there is at least one costume that has that WOW factor for me. Every year is so different, and this year is no exception, with the name change and late band order announcement.

What will make Carib2k11 Carib2kHeaven for me?

#1 of course, would be a sensational costume. I began this season wondering will this be the year I’d get a perfect purple costume? (My favourite colour, & I haven't played in it yet!) I scored a pair of purple boots from Stitches warehouse thanks to Tara, courtesy of a tip from Nationz Jeannine. But even if this isn’t my purple year, I have my eye on costumes colours I haven't worn before, and that aren’t difficult to match up boots or shoes to.

A heavenly bod, or alright, okay, to be my fittest yet. So as always, I’m working extra hard to be fit. I’ve been taking Zumba®, cardio kick, abs, Spinning, body blast, Pilates, and Latin dance classes, and doing the elliptical, Stairmaster & treadmill, etc. since December. I’m also kicking butt in Survivor Boot Camp.

Caribana heaven for me would also be no stormers. Now that’s not entirely impossible, especially if the band has security. I’m so over rude ignorant people breaking into the band and causing our parade to be more of a free for all than a cultural display. I want security this year considering we’re paying more, and I just know we deserve security. I realize some persistent idiots do get into the band in spite of the best efforts of security, and that’s understandable.

Heavenly treatment from a band is also extremely important. Examples are: to have my phone calls and emails responded to promptly & politely; section leaders/designers communicate with me about costume changes (but ideally, there are none!) and pickup; enough water on the road and a tasty lunch; not sooooo much repetition of the same damn songs dj, throw in some of the many, many, MANY other tunes; fun friendly on the road vibes, with all band staff showing they appreciate masqueraders; and to carry on the positivity in Hamilton & Barrie.

Going down the road second, third or fourth would be heavenly for me. I don’t want to be first (10 a.m. is too early). I’m just used to crossing the stage at noon and having the rest of the afternoon to jump up. I personally wouldn’t want to be waiting around at the CNE at 2:00. Now if the band had security, then that would help. But by 2-3:00, the route is thick with the cheap non costumed youngsters wanting to carry on, and they’re swarming like mosquitoes trying to get into a band.

What are your expectations this go around, have they changed? Are you expecting more, or less from your band? From many of the comments I’ve read, I’ve noticed many of you have said you went with a different band last year, or would be trying out another band this time. How did you reach that decision? What would make this Caribana ideal?


Sims4Life said...

I love this post...I ask myself this question every year. For me it would be the same things that you said..
Bomb costume (colour i have not done)
Body to my likiing (doing hot yoga this year.. it's amazing)
Band goind down no later than 4th(unfortunately no control over that)
Makeup professionally done (already booked)
Boots to match my costume. (already bought I do my decorations myself)....I would say my expectations are the same,I plan ahead and organize my self from early. In terms of the parade day,food..drinks..stomers.. I always think the worst and hope for the best.

leeesssaaa said...

Honestly, in the beginning, I wanted costume first, then an early # to cross and finally music. But if there were a Caribana (or whatever it's called) fairy out there, my first and foremost wish would be to have NO STORMERS!!! They ruin it for me every year. Even if you manage to cross early, they are right there once you reach Lakeshore.
With no stormers, I wouldn't necessarily care about the order that we cross the stage, so that would be completely crossed off my list. Then I could focus on things that really matter, i.e. costume (this includes all accesories like boots and make-up) and music.
I think as long as you love the body you're in, you're set. Confidence is more sexy than being able to fit into a size medium costume, IMO.
I totally agree w/ the band being responsive. I understand that they're busy making the costumes, but if they don't take care of the masqueraders questions and concerns, there won't be any costumes to make next year.

Karabana said...

Thanks B2K, I wonder what results do you get from hot Yoga? Weight loss, toning, increase in muscle? Or increased flexibility & leanness? How often do you do it?

I've not tried a MUA yet, I'd like to though (but I live in the west end/North York & most are downtown or in S'bo).

Yes I agree, love the body you're in leeesssaaa, but I also feel since you're wearing essentially a bikini, challenge yourself to look your best.
Part of my planning early includes (6 months in advance) getting in shape.

If something ELSE could be done about stormers, then yes, the band order wouldn't matter.

svetlana_correa said...
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Sims4Life said...

Hi Kara, it does more than just weight loss... Hot (Moksha) yoga is more about wellness on the inside and out. It helps with flexibility, posture; you feel more energetic and diffuse lots of stress. I have noticed that I have loss more inches than pounds but I feel great overall. I was also told by other girls there it helps with migraine’s and for that special time of the month they show you a special position that helps with severe cramps..

I do it about 4 times a week and the sessions that I go to are 90 mins every class. You can start off with 3 times a week and go to the 60 minute sessions. Be prepared for the heat the room is usually about 105 degrees F'heit...feels like a sauna even your eyelashes are sweating lol...lol...if you can believe that it is sooooo hot...but it feels awesome after...so bring a big beach towel, a yoga mat, dress in as little clothes as you are comfortable in and bring lots of water you will need it. I usually drink coconut water as it replaces all the electrolytes back in your body that are being lost from the sweat, you can also drink things like vitamin water or gatorade but I prefer the natural coconut water as it does not have any added sugar.

I don’t know west end really as I live in Durham so the one I go to is in Whitby/Broklin...I Googled this for you http://www.mokshayoganorthyork.com that is a link for the location in north york...you can also google Moksha Etobicoke...to see if there are any locations out that way that are better ...they have studios all over. Also they always have an introductory offer... $40 bucks for unlimited classes for a month...it gets your hooked. After that it is not cheap but it is not outrageously expensive. I hope this helps...If you want to know anything else let me know. Good luck...it is worth the try...trust me. :)

Karabana said...

Wow thanks for that B2K! I've enjoyed Yoga & done 90 min classes, & I don't mind it once a week. I don't like the idea of 105° though!! I suppose you get used to that. But since I judge how successful my workout was based on how much I sweat (& hurt after), I guess this would be ideal!

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