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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Costume selection causing disruption in my domestic affairs

I have to preface this post by saying that Karabana has washed her hands of this post and these are my opinions.
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I have played mas in Toronto about 17 times. 11 of those times have been with Karabana at my side. In 16 of those 17 times I have played with the same band.
In the beginning, I started playing with them because they were the biggest, most successful band with the best entertainment (In my opinion). Over the years, as the parade changed, new hot bands came on the scene, I got older, and my stormer tolerance decreased. I began to notice that I enjoyed my experience a whole lot more if I went down the road earlier in the day.
Eventually, I told Karabana that I wanted to implement a rule to wait for the order of the bands to come out before we made a selection. We would wait until June, they would announce the order, and she didn’t have a problem finding a costume she liked among the first few bands.
This year, we hear, the bandleaders have decided to postpone this draw until mid July. Karabana is feeling the pressure to make a choice, and she is transferring this pressure to me and my rule. I don’t need stress in my relationship, this is my happy time of year. I have been playing mas long enough to realize Carnival is about woman. More importantly, I have been married long enough to realize this isn’t a difference of opinion I care to get my way on.
So, we are going to choose a costume blind of their parade position. For her, the most important factor is how much she likes the costume. I want to play mas freely without having to fight my way through thick crowds just to get out of the CNE grounds. You see the dilemma?
I know of two of the Class A bands who place security as a priority, and they display this by having fences around the band. I don’t know who, if any, of the other bands use ropes or fences. You all can let us know in the comments.

If I am being persuaded (I didn’t say forced) to choose a band without knowing their position in the parade, I think the least they can do is let us know what measures they plan on taking THIS YEAR to keep the non-costumed out of the band should lady luck put them in the back.

Am I being unreasonable? Let me know.



Crying Wolf said...

In terms of security I know Toronto Revellers and Carnival Nations have been trying to use the fence/rope for security with little success. It depends on what position they wound up in. I did Nations last year and they were in position 6, and security pretty much gave up after 45 minute hold up while the rest of the band crossed the stage. It was just too much, and nothing could have been done.

Unknown said...

I agree with MaggIvy - I've played with Nationz for 5 years and I've decided that I'm not playing mas this year. My experience on the road the past 2 years because of stormers has been enough to put me off completely.
No matter how hard the bands try to keep stormers out, the security team just gets over-run, and then you can't move and people are mashing up the costume you paid good money for. Fights are breaking out. It's ridiculous. I don't have the patience for that mess this year. I can't take it!
Honestly, I think you should go with the band that has the costumes that you like and cross your fingers on which position they pull. The "A" bands will more than likely be in the top 6 anyway, so you really can't get any better than that.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Lisa, not playing isn't an option for us. We are to the point of saying if caribana is messed up at least we will have a good time in Hamilton and Barrie. But I am not a gambler, I don't like betting $185*2 that we might not be over run.

Partyanimal said...

I would just register and hope for the best! The band positions WAS and kinda still is a big deal for me. Last year I was disappointed with Nationz number but I will always play with them. This year I have a feeling we going down early! Which bands do you guys have in mind karabana and Trini-in-Toronto?

Soca Princess said...

I fell the same exact way. I hate getting trampled over especially when frontline costumes are $300-$400.

I played with Saldenah for the last couple years and for the most part we made it down most of the road before large crowds over took us. I haven't played with Mas Toronto in years but they always manage to get #1 or #2 in the parade position... but it is still a gamble how they are doing it and it is extremely frustrating.

High Mass said...

I've played with revellers for the last i think 4 years and they have done a GREAT job. i will be with nationz this year just to see how it is but i have enjoyed every year with revellers. A class and and # 2 or 3 down the road is great!

High Mass said...

Category A, good security and number 1 2 preferably 3 down the road is what i like to hear. I’ve played with revelers for the last 4 years and the security to me was really good but I feel position down the road plays a big part CARIBANA Day. Good Luck

Karabana said...

I'm considering a few since I like many costumes in Sally, Revellers, Tribal Knights, Nationz... but they're selling out, so, !!!!!!!!!!

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