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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Caribana, er, Toronto International Carnival updates

Some Saldenah front lines were marked closed on Sunday.

Your designs are dynamite Daryl!
Frozen Abyss of Sirius (SOLD OUT AS OF MAY 24 weekend.)
Cosmic Bliss (SOLD OUT AS OF MAY 24 weekend.)

Galactic Tango (SOLD OUT AS OF MAY 25) Milky Way - Sold Out May 28Cyborg: SOLD OUT May 28
and Hailey's Comet (XPats)

Umbriel SOLD OUT as of June 14
Supernova SOLD OUT as of June 14

Solar Flare SOLD OUT AS OF JUNE 19

Keepers of the Universe
This is such a smart business idea, it's about time! Cute sneaks decorated to match your costume.
Lunar Eclipse

D Visitors

Cosmic Nebula
I'm extremely impressed with Saldenah's costumes, most designers had fun with the Outer Limits theme and worked in different materials/elements, especially Cyborg, D Visitors male and Supernova. The colours are overall super strong, as are the headpieces. Adjustments should be made to some to ensure that the beauty is functional (stays on), particularly the gorgeous Cosmic Bliss ultra front line.

This year presents the hardest decision yet as to not only what section to play in, but what band to play in. With all the A bands bringing their A game and putting out such fierce costumes, most masqueraders probably have many choices, including me!
As well, we heard this weekend that the order of the bands will be chosen the week before Jr. Carnival, so that is another big factor (for many) in deciding what band to play with.

What to do, what to do?

As to Caribana going back to being called Toronto International Carnival (or something else), I feel the same way about it as when I was first told about it on May 4th: steups, whatever! I'm not renaming my blog!I'm quite unimpressed with Caribana Arts Group chair Henry Gomez saying it will do everything in its power to prevent the festival from going forward. Wow, how nice! You want to kill something cultural that you created? Another big steups.
Louis Saldenah was quoted in the Toronto Star as saying:
"We’re glad that they changed the name. When we go to the private sector for sponsorship and they hear the name Caribana, it gives a negative vibe because of all the problems we had for years.”

Yahoo news article.
Carib2k11 is not without some bacchanal...


Lesley said...

OMG....those shoes are wicked!
Are those shoes only associated with Saldenah? I want those shoes for my costume.

And for the name changes= Caribana 4 Life!

Lisa said...

Is that the only picture you have for galactic tango. I am playing in this section. You have a picture the male from d visitor halfway blocking it?

Can we see the full picture of this costume with the frontline also?.....

Karabana said...

lol So much for trying to kill 2 birds w 1 stone Lisa, lol
Done! :)

Unknown said...

Why can't we all just get along? It's so disconcerting to watch us bickering with each other, especially in the public eye. When will we as a group ever learn to work together, or at least keep our disputes behind closed doors instead of airing our dirty laundry in public? And then we wonder why businesses won't provide sponsorship dollars for Caribana?!

Sally's costumes are outstanding. Well done.

The decorated sneakers are a great idea and an excellent business venture. Kudos to whoever came up with it. But I'm still a boots girl myself :-)

designingDARYL said...

Awww - thanks Kara for your unwavering support! I appreciate all of the kind comments and criticisms about my work! Do look forward for the revamped ULTRA FRONTLINE for Cosmic Bliss with all "kinks" adjusted. I was and remain pleasantly surprised and humbled by all of the success and support that my designs in Toronto Caribana/Internation Festival has afforded me over the years! Love you all!!!

Lisa said...

thanks for fixing karabana...and so quickly too. I love your posts...

T said...

Love Saldenah's costumes! YAY! Unfortunately, I received a poor customer service response from CNZ's Bryce so we're playing with SALDENAH! Oh my cannot wait!

Amrita said...

Thanks for posting about us!
I've posted a link to your blog on our Facebook Page.

I love reading your posts and it was great to come across Caribana Shoes and see all the great pics you took!

We will be at the Saldenah Mas Camp on May 29th to reveal all of the shoes to match each section of "Secrets of de Outer Limits" and take orders.

Shoes are only $50! We'll do your own shoes for $30 or your boots for $50. It's a perfect finishing touch!

You can check out our Facebook Page here:


and the Website has a contest running for a free pair.

Thanks again!

margret said...

I agree with Lisa, we should all play mas, enjoy our festival, it doesn't matter who we play with. Support our culture and work as a family.Don't give a reason for anyone to dis our ting. lol


margret said...

I have been playing mas for years and believe me the crowd is always an issue. It doesn't matter how much security and rope a band has, you just can't control it. You hope for the best, and if you really love mas, you just go with the flow lol.

Carnivalcocoa said...

These costumes are outstanding. Impressive!!!

Partyanimal said...

@T, if you don't mind sharing, what was the problem you had with CNz?
I'm just really curious.

Lisa said...

karabana you should update for louis saldenah now. Sections sold out as far as I know are Frozen Abyss of Sirius and Galactic tango....

Karabana said...

It was updated Lisa on Monday, & again just now with the 3rd one...

Lisa said...

Hi Karabana just wanted to say that Solar Flare is sold out as of Saturday, June 16th?

Thanks for your great posts....I love to read them..

Karabana said...

It sure is Lisa. Thanks! :)

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