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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Pics from Toronto Revellers 2011 "OZ"

Edited to add some more (above) pictures. Thanks Suga Cayne for your Wicked pictures.

Hi Everyone,

As we mentioned, we were away this weekend and we couldn't hit Toronto Revellers launch. It was a shame since we look forward to seeing them, and we have covered their launches I think about 3 years now. So I must give huge shout outs to Joann Chase (section leader for Emerald City) who e-mailed us some shots of the sections.

From what I see from these shots the costumes looking very nice. There are sexy skimpy options and some more coverage available for the more modest. Revellers needs to walk a fine line, because they are more of a family band where there are lots of younger masqueraders, but there is good representation of more mature and conservative crowd. This is the thing I like about the band. I imagine as a designer, you are trying to attract the younger folks, but not isolate your loyal customers. I think they have struck a good balance.

Revellers has a good reputation for on the road experience, security, for treating their customers like customers, having a large kiddies band and lots of smaller events and limes that bring their band members together. This year they added some very attractive costumes and I think this could be the icing that will help swell their numbers.
What you all think?

orange fly - Flying monkeys
green - Emerald City frontline with backpack
green - Emerald City backline
silver - Tin man frontline
pink and blue - Glenda the Good Witch.
beige - Courage - lion costume, frontine and backline
red - Ruby red
yellow - Yellow Brick Road
multi color feathers - Over the Rainbow
blue, black, silver - Weathering the Storm
orange and gold - Wizard's Fury


Anonymous said...

My group and I attended the launch last night. Nice costumes so real sexy ones for the younger generations. Shoutouts the MCs for the night, did a good job. Now let's get down to the costumes.
1st costume -

Over the rainbow - nice costume the colors on the headpiece could be a bit brighter. Love the shade of purple, love the backline headpiece - brighter color ladies,

2nd - Emerald City - I think it's a very sexy costume. Looks real good on the frontline model - sold the costume. Nice color of green with gold, Frontline is stunning, backline costume is pretty - I think the backline costume is different not sure from the frontline I think that is what will stand out, its a seller. nice - like the headpiece. Nice male costume - love the colar on the men's costume.

3. yellow brick road - nice costume, love the frontline - love the fact that they use a plus size frontline costume to model the costume, show variety in shapes of the models good job.
backline costume is cute. Men's costume is nice also.

4. Ruby red - nice costume, to me they stayed too long on stage, had to hear 2 songs, too much red, need a big more silver to the costume. The cape needs to be bigger,

5. Courage - Lion costume. Its nice, love the frontline costume, even the thong was a surprise. needs more gold and bronze in the costume. Nice backline costume. Nice men's costume. I could see the lion in the costume.

6. Dorothy costume is cute, pretty model. She wore the costume well, Love it.

7. Tin man and Tin woman - Love the Tin man individual real nice. Tin woman frontline is pretty. Love it.

8. - blue, yellow and silver, nice costume, frontline costume is another story - the backpack look like its hardly any feathers - to sparse.
needs to redo the backpack. I think one model was wearing a cage bra, needs work. I heard one lady said its a witch costume not sure dont quote me.

9. Witch costume - black and green and silver, nice backline costume, the frontline backpack needs work hot mess. Where's the witch,

10. scarecrow - another mess - needs to redo the ladies costume, hot mess, men's costume - like the fact the model did a scarecrow dance - entertain. needs more straw.

11. fly - nice color - love the backline - frontline costume is big, love it. I wondering if its heavy. I am a sucker for orange. Its really nice. Good Job. ladies.

Tin Man and Tin woman frontline is real nice, sexy Tin man.

Overall the costumes were nice. have to wait to see the costumes in person, before I make my decision.
My group of 8 play with Revellers last year, and we want to play with them again. It's between Emerald City and Yellow brick road.

Anonymous said...

Pretty costumes. Love the lion costume, green costume and red costume.
Not feeling Scarecrow man and woman costume.
Good job Revellers.

pressure-boom said...

Wow... Emerald city frontline (green) is the front runner right now for costume of the year...I'd definitely wear it if I were to ever play with this band. The other sections are okay... after Reveller's costume last year, I didn't have any expectation... But anyhow, but good job on the green, red and orange/brown. I give the whole presentation a thumbs up

NOW, @Kara, Hopefully the carnival nationz launch will encourage some masquerader dialogue like last year... I'm missing the VERY opinionated posts that created some VERY interesting costume discussion..lol

TB said...

Wow - very true to the theme.

My favourite shown above is Emerald City FL.

I also like the Yellow Brick Road (not shown above yet).

Aside from the costumes I'm curious to hear what the venue and vibe were like at the launch from those who went...

Partyanimal said...

Firstly, Toronto Revellers this year is a HUGE improvment from last years diaster sections. My favorites are Wicked, Yellow Brick road(EXCELLENT COSTUME), Emerald City,Tin man(male costume), Dorothy, Wizard fury and Lion/courage.

Over the rainbows head pieces are nice, also the frontline backpack. As for the bathing suit, it should have been a brighter colour. Glenda is a OK costume but I just expected a more cuter costume for that character. I dont know what to think of Tin man/heartless(female) YET!
Ruby... TOO much red, i like the frontlines backpack and headpiece.

Costumes that should be Revamped list
_the white, red and black costume.

Anonymous said...

Not bad.. I'm seein a lot of redo's from Trini 2K11 from band launches for DC and Toronto, even other islands... like the tin man individual reminds me of IP Lunar Cycle (male) and there's a DC costume that's IP Lunar Cycle Frontline. Not a bad thing, just pointing it out.
This band did a pretty good job I think, looking forward to seeing them on the road

Anonymous said...

Love the Toronto Revellers costumes - Heartless was great but I wouldn't wear it on the red - Love the colours of Glinda The Good Witch

Sasha said...

Love the cage bra for Glinda the Good Witch - Heartless Guy Costume wicked

Unknown said...

I have to reluctantly admit that I am yet to be wowed or excited about any of the costumes that I've seen from any of the launches so far. I hope it gets better or I'll be sitting out this Caribana season. And that would cause some serious tabanca for me! But I'm not going to play mas just to play.

I'm getting tired of seeing the same shade of pink, green, orange & yellow being used. The same kind of belt and headpiece. I'm not seeing any innovation or different ideas.

I hope Nationz and Sally come better than the bands that have launched so far.

Anonymous said...

OMG, OMG, love the Emerald Green frontline costume and backline costume. Please don't sell out before I come.
One question what does orange and brown represent. Someone at the launch said Fly. Why is FLY?
Scarecrow and scarewoman a good mess. Need revamp please.

The silver,purple and black costume cute costume, looks like they only catering to certain size ladies.

Lion costume love it.Missing something Need something to kick it. Need more color.

Rudy, Damn that's alot of red, please add more silver. Hate the 1/2 cape.
Yellow brick road, nice costume. Like it.

multi color headpiece cute costume.
Tinman individual a damn copy of Lunar cycle costume from Island People and D'Krewe Savage. what Revellers you don't think we will spot the similarities. Steupss.

Dorothy costume ok.

My best costume choices: Emerald city love it, yellow brick road, Lion costume.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Pressure-boom, yuh looking to start ting or what? Doh worry, you know the bacchanal doh start till Nationz launch

Partyanimal said...

Speaking of Nationz, that is the launch im looking forward to!!! My loyalty lies with Nationz. 4days people!!!! "MYTHICAL CREATURES"!!!!!

Pressure-Boom said...

@ trini - Lololololololol! See my comment worked tho :) the dialogue has begun!

Anonymous said...

1st of all, the orange and brown costume is called WIZARD'S FURY

i like the rainbow costume but i think it cuda been a lil brighter.

I really like the orange/brown one and i seen some pics of the front line and it lookin HOT! i dont really like the color orange but i really like dis one

blue/black/silver...its iight, but ive seen better

yellow is pretty, but again its iight.

the green one is really pretty, but if i buy that id get the front line...the frontline is HOT and it glitters just right. i HATE the colour green but this costume is sexy

the lion costume is really cute but i wouldnt buy it.

the silver tin man costume is pretty but its a lot for the eye to handle.

the ruby costume is supposed to be red! i think id be a little upset if it had an even balance of red and silver or if it had more silver than it already does. the costume looks great to me, as is!

wicked witch waas nice...they really made it look wicked lol

glenda - boring

over all i thought there was a great balanca of thin and plus size models in the show and some models were better than others cause they enjoyed themselves on stage instead of just posing or just whining they chipped and had fun with it.
i hear there are a lot of new section leaders this year and it will be interesting to play with them this year.

I choose the EMERALD CITY or WIZARD'S FURY (orange and brown)

Anonymous said...

aren't the flying monkeys blue, red and grey?

Anonymous said...

You are right... Flying Monkeys are Blue red and Grey in the Film.

The orange section is called Wizards Fury (Flame)

Witch of East and Fly - is the right section- dont think I see the picks there.... Think colours where black and white.

Overall Revellers did a good job, I was a little worried about pulling off a character theme... I think that is harder to do than an abstract theme like legends or mystical creatures - you can interpret those... a lion, tinman, scarecrow and Dorothy...everyone knows who they are!

Anonymous said...

Everyone added their 2cents, now here is my 99cents.
Good Job Revellers, I didn't make it to the band launch, as being an out-of-town masquerader from New York and I do want to play with Revellers this year, big up to the person who sent the photos. Even Torontolime has no pics, what's up with that?
I really like the green costume frontline and backline. I can see myself playing in this section. The Men costume is hot, I can see some sexy guys in it.
Like the Lion costume. Love the tail. Yellow costume is cute. Red to me is a bit too red. Missing something. Scarecrow real scary. Tinman is ok, kinda futuristic.
I wonder when the online registration will be up.

de cocoa panyol said...

I absolutely love the Emerald City Frontline!!! That would be my first choice. And I think the Male Heartless is incredible. I also like Over the Rainbow and the Wicked Frontline.

Anonymous said...

I love the TORONTO REVELLERS costumes if you've seen the wizard of Oz they followed the theme good jobs Revellers can't wait to see their kiddies band

Sims4Life said...

Solid effort by Revellers, My fav is the dorothy section. It is different and the head piece is fab. As for all the other sections they are nice, but nothing that we have not seen before.
@Partyanimal...i agree with you...CNZ lets get is in... :)

TB said...

Looks like the verdict is in - Revellers have a real winner with the Emerald City section especially the Frontline... I am pretty shocked but must give credit where its due! Congrats well done. I think the costumes fit the theme very well.

Here comes the BUT.... one excellent costume wont sway me to jump ship. My band of choice delivers 10-12 excellent costumes every year so there is much more variety to choose from and a proven track record.

Cant wait to see the online pics for the remaining two big band launches ... I am missing them both because I will be travelling to Cayman Islands ... so don't feel too sorry for me! LOL

Anonymous said...

1. Love the tin man for the stage - too much for the road
2. Dorothy is cute
3. Glinda - will look nice on the road
4. Wicked witch is intresting

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